The Gossip Girl Season 3 debuts September 14!

You've read it right!
The Gossip Girl cast is back to work in New York City
and has officially started filming episodes
for the third season debuts September 14!

Here are some of the SPOILERS:

Serena: New Quest

On the last episode of the second season, Serena put an interest in locating his dad's location through Carter Baizen's help.

As per, here's what TV Guide had to say about that in its new spoiler Q&A:

Q: Can we assume that Gossip Girl's Serena won't be attending Brown this fall now that she's off chasing Daddy Dearest?

A: Here's what Blake Lively told us about Serena's plans in the wake of being slapped with that paternal jaw-dropper. "She's thrown for this huge loop," she says. "There are a lot of things she's going to find out about her mom and her background."

In other words, it's sure looking like Serena van der Woodsen will not be heading to Providence in the fall... but she might not be in New York either.


New Character: Joanna Garcia as Bree Buckley

Joanna Garcia has booked a four-episode story arc on Gossip Girl as a love interest for Chace Crawford's affluent alter ego, Nate Archibald.

Joanna Garcia will be playing the character of Bree Buckley, an irreverent, slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family.

She will first appear in the September 14 season premiere.


Little J no more

Will the newly-minted social ruler Jenny Humphrey be a good or bad Queen Bee?

As per, here's what TV Guide (and Taylor Momsen) had to say about that ...

Q: When is Gossip Girl going to give Jenny a better story line?

A: Do you hear the Constance girls screaming? That's because Little J was named the new Queen Bee in the season finale, if you recall. We recently talked to Topsy Mopsy, er, Taylor Momsen, about how she will fill Blair's headband.

"You know what, I hope she's a bad queen bee!" the 15-year-old said. "I'm sure [the Gossip Girl writers will] find a way to tie it all together."

One unsolicited idea: Jenny Humphrey needs a boyfriend who charms Rufus while he corrupts her. She needs to earn that eye makeup!



(G is back... and she looks GREAT!)

You can tell Gossip Girl fans that the bitch is back!

Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays the notorious Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, put to rest any doubts that she will be appearing in Season Three when she showed up on the New York City set of the show yesterday. And she looked great!
Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr were also seen arriving for work. Here's a picture of Michelle making her much-anticipated return to the Gossip Girl set. Michelle Trachtenberg makes her return to Gossip Girl as Georgina Sparks.

Will Georgina really be rooming with Blair at NYU? Is that a college experiment that can possibly end well? What does this troublemaker have up her sleeve?


and now...

(B & C puckering up!)

Penn (Dan) - curly & HOT!

(Nice boots B!)

Ms. B

Leighton & a newcomer


Jessica Szohr & Chris Riggi

G Sparks!

Gals arm-in-arm!

Blake and Leighton

best friends chat

E is looking good!

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