Jenny.. Jenny.. iLIKE!

Before the first episode
of Gossip Girl Season 3 was aired,

I was kinda following what's up next
with the characters
and Little J is on my top list.
I even have the interviews about her.
(The Gossip Girl Season 3 debuts September 14!)

And I was wondering if
Jenny Humphrey will ever be a good ruler
or a bad queen?

After a long wait,
season three's episode 9th
(They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?)
revealed the possibility what could Little J become.
It also featured my-now-favorite song!
--> Plastiscines' B.I.T.C.H.

It has lyrics that goes like this:

I'm a bitch
When I walk my dog
I'm a bi-itch
When I fall in love
I'm a bitch
When i give the kiss
I'm a bi-itch
When I sing like this

I'm a bitch!

( 8x)

But what i love most the whole time i was watching Gossip Girl is
how she was transformed from this... this!

Can't wait to see more if her!!!

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