Taylor Momsen's Sexy Magazine Cover Controversy

You know what they say,

when a father realizes his little girl is a little girl no more...

Gossip Girl actress (Jenny Humphrey) and a 17-year-old rocker, Taylor Momsen ticked off a powerful parents organization for her sexed up, gun-toting magazine cover.

The same group that criticized Miley's new controversial music video, The Parents Television Council believes parents should be "alarmed" Momsen's posing on the cover of the hard rock mag Revolver wearing lingerie, gun belt and nothing else.

"By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy, and contributing to the already epidemic problem of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking." - PTC

No further comments were made from Momsen's side, at least for now.

Source: E! News Live

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