A Little Less Social Sunday Night

I've been up all night and, for months at a time, decided to spend a "me" time watching movies I've already watched on big screens - HP7, Eclipse (i know, eeeew! lol) and the movie that broke my heart after I lost the invites for private screening and therefore I didn't bother to put a review on my blog since everyone else already had it first. In case you're lost to what I've been trying to say, well let me walk you through. Ever felt like you're almost dying because of something you want so bad you cannot even imagine how it actually feels like when you lost it right there coz of your stupidity?

Yes, exactly!

And that movie is The Social Network, which by the way already grabbed the 2011 Golden Globes Awards for Best in Motion Picture from Inception and Black Swan. (Awesome! Yes? But not quite.)

I remember when I first started being on Facebook and within 24 hours, I've invited less than 200 of my friends and frienemies to sign up too. And the addiction started right there - pretty amazing how most people manage their time (or not) being busy keep up with their own thoughts and work and keep up with everyone else's lives. From posting, liking and commenting on statuses to posting and viewing pictures and chatting on the same window where you can view profiles all at the same time!

The addiction was satisfying that some thinks 'it's worth it'.

But after watching "The Social Network", I've become an even less of a Facebook fan. Not only because Twitter came in the picture but you'd know this movie poster says it all.

You know when a movie is really good that you'll start thinking about it after its done and find yourself Googling for more info and what happened to the characters. Thoughts of it makes me really sad how the world rewards douche bags and assholes like him; how the most evil of people gain so much power and riches, deceit to gain attention, strive for acceptance, and climb the top and get away with it.

That's what at least i thought after watching it the first time ever. But after this morning I realized some points.

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg was doing a blog about his ex-girlfriend? And he was hurt so bad he created the FaceMatch site where girls get to be compared and rated at the same time? And at the end of the movie where Mark's left in the conference room he decided to add his ex then contantly refreshes the page hoping the ex would confirm the request? Oh yes, LOVE - it makes us do crazy-idiocratic-awesome things when we're overwhelmed or hurt. On Mark Z, it was a pretty messy-clever process that involves alot of hurting, plotting, scheming and yes, it ended up making him the world's younger billionaire.

Will. Whenever you decide to be a part of a something that involves relationship and money, you always have the choice to either use people for your own good and lose them, or get use by people to whom you could not have moved forward without them.

Trust. If you have watched this movie and some asshole did somehow same thing to you, i guess you already know what i mean.

Life is tough and in a complicated world, you have to know who you are

and how do you see yourself in the future. And from there you can decide.

No one can tell you the right or wrong things to do.

Only you would know - Will, Choices and of course, Consequences.

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