AZZURRO Fool's Day

It was early hour of April 1st when two of my friends, Manna & Bernz, suddenly have cravings for OYSTERS. Yes, you read it right and with that I mean they want it FRESH! Although I'm really into it too but baked with Mozzarella. And so we ended up searching Google what places (within Makati) open early in the morning that offer Oysters. We found nothing but AZZURRO Bistro and Bar.

We were having spasms (haha!) when we saw the menu and THE PRICE. We dialed and made sure they're open, packed our stuff and go.

It was a fine day and we're all excited about finally drowning ourselves with platters of oysters. We reached the lobby of Somerset and find our way to the second floor with thoughts that the place is somewhat like Chili's or Giligans and just a cool pace to chill with beer. But MAAYN! When Bernz open the door, t'was actually fine dining (you know the conservative slash boring eikee poo! haha). That being said we're excepting something to be different from what we saw online (aside from a waiter being consistently asking us to take the breakfast buffet offer). Duh. We're here for OYSTERS! haha

Php485. Yes, that's the price for an eight-piece oysters. We all burst of laughter and remembered it was April Fool's Day to actually been misinformed about the price online. But what the hell, we all still ordered and enjoy being some April Fool's victims. haha!

Although I must say, it's worth the price.

The wonders that scatter from my tastebuds to my brain then to my heart and finally to my balls. Haha! Goosebumps people! =)

Bernz (the Grace a.k.a Divasoria look-alike) with her plate of Oysters!

And opkors, the famous Mango Crepe.

In this April Fool's Day, definitely one of the best days to remember. Visit Azzurro Bistro & Bar at 2/F Somerset Millennium Bldg. Aguirre St. Legaspi Village, Makati City or call (02)889-0569.

Til the next cravings! XOXO

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