Everyone can agree on one thing: People always go for what it isn't hard to do.How many of us have thought of actually being patient on something we know could have been the right thing to do than doing the easiest way possible? How many problems in our life we have faced upfront than those we have walked away?

In a complicated world, the possibilities are endless. Blackberry or iPhone. New York or California. Armani or Topman. Happiness or sacrifices. Life or death. Eventually, we all have to choose. And most of us, at this stage in that matter, are still trying to figure out and learn what are things that may be considered right, and those that are wrong.

Decision making plays a very important part in our lives. Life is full of decisions; we make hundreds of them every day. Most are automatic and minor ones. However, occasionally we are compelled to make vitally important decisions about major life-goals. These decisions are often practical or ethical ones. But in order for us to truly understand the difference between facing a problem and running away from them, we all have to understand the possible consequences of our actions. And yes, this is reality. No matter what we do or how ever we hide it, it will always find us. Or worst, will cause us even more difficult ones to resolve.

They say we, humans, are the highest form of God's creation for we're all blessed with knowledge. Knowledge not only to develop but comprehend how to be used in a greater good. Sometimes in life we hit a crossroads and are forced to choose which path we want to take. And there's no way of knowing if our journey will lead us to pleasure or pain. Once we've made our choice, there's no turning back.

The end of summer is the beginning of a new season. So does problems, if only were face with a brave and wise heart. Problems are part of our learning. We shouldn't be running away from it, hugging it would be so much better. So we find ourselves looking to the future. And always hoping for a better life, and live.

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