Into the Fashion Shows with Class!

You’ve got your invites,
you’ve planned your outfits,
and you’re hyped up for the upcoming shows.

But before everything else,
read up and try to avoid having a fashion faux pas.

1. As Coco Rocha tweeted, “I may have left #NYFW [New York Fashion Week] but I do have one note for all show-goers: If you’re not in the front row you probably don’t need sunglasses”. So very true, it’s rude and in bad taste. Plus, you’ll look silly wearing them indoors.

2. If you’re in the front row, you are part of the show, so act the part! Keep the chit-chat to a minimum, tuck away bulky hand-bags, and DO NOT show do any PDA or upskirts.

3. Do your live updates discreetly. Don’t hold your phone or camera above your head, put your phones in silent, and make an effort to concentrate on the show and not your avid followers. Trust me, they can wait.

4. Let’s be patient and not be greedy. Don’t go through your gift bags during the show, and please, only take one.

5. We all heard the sayings like “Manila time” or “fashionably late.” No, get there on time! The show is not about you, it’s about the designer and their hard work of art.

So, there you have it! Stay classy kiddos!

- via Veggie Samurai

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