Nose and Bags

My Saturdays are mostly spent on brunch with friends in the morning, a little bit of shopping and party all night, but yesterday was different. Early 9AM, I met with Dr. Llamas in Makati Medical Center for my EENT appointment. And there I was, almost hating why my body had to be sooo "maarte" about anything.

I got diagnosed with a possible Chronic Sinusitis. Here goes set of pills for the next 7 days! But we're on some initial diagnosis just yet and I'll be back to see the doctor next Saturday and I'm really hoping it goes away and I get well. But who am I kidding, right? It's effin Sinusitis!

Anyhoo, earlier that week I got an email from JanSport® to pick-up the item that they have especially for me. I have been a follower of JanSport® since highschool. It has the best quality, durability and reliability. It carries my huge books and makes me still look cool!

So after some eating with Jake and Brent,
I came to visit BratPack Greenbelt 5.

I had a feeling it will make me feel better.
And OH YES it did!
Look what JanSport® have for me:

A university backpack made in celebration of De La Salle’s 100th year.
And it goes out in 3 styles: black, white and green.

JanSport® releases the first-ever bag dedicated to green patrons and more than a well-known international brand, JanSport® takes part in the significant experiences of its followers.

De La Salle has grown from an institution to one that has made its mark, and in its 100th year, Office of Strategic Communications worked with JanSport® in creating a design that would commemorate De La Salle’s 100th year. Stars dominate the design. “Signum Fidei,” as we call it, illustrates our view on education as a gift, a way for innovation and transformation. The explosion of stars describes the energy and dynamism of La Sallites.

The limited-edition JanSport® De La Salle Centennial Bags were launched December 2011 with its ambassadors:

It's available through De La Salle University's Office of Strategic Communications - 21st floor Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall, and at any BratPack stores in Metro Manila. The DLSU and JanSport® collaboration supports the One La Salle Scholarship Fund.

This limited-edition bags will definitely make it to your JanSport® collection.
Sooo dope! Sooo awesome!

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