Do you have any of these?

 Luxury. Desired by many, indulged by few.

A lot of us are used to designer brands and names that are popular 
by word of mouth, and to what celebrities and fashion icons wear. 
But do we really know their business values?  

Top 10 Most Valuable Luxury Brands:

1. Louis Vuitton, owned by LVMH, is worth $25.9 billion, a 7 percent increase from 2011, according to Millward Brown Optimor’s 2012 BrandZ study. Louis Vuitton the French maker of laminated canvas handbags, has named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for a seventh consecutive year.

(new expanded Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 4) 

2. Hermes, in which LVMH owns a stake, rose to second place with a value of $19.1 billion, up 61 percent on last year.

3. Rolex, valued at $7.2 billion, up 36%.

4. Chanel, valued at $6.7 billion.

5. Gucci, $6.4 billion (down 14%).

6. Prada, $5.7 billion (first time in top 10).

Prada, which sold shares in Hong Kong’s biggest initial public offering last year, made its debut in the luxury ranking in sixth place with a value of $5.7 billion. Prada plans to add about 80 stores annually over the next three years, many of which will be directly owned, reflecting a general trend among luxury makers to assert tighter brand control by shifting away from licensing and franchising, according to the study.

7. Cartier, values at $4.8 billion.

8. Hennessy, values at $4.6 billion.

9. Moet & Chandon, $4.2 billion.

10. Burberry, values at $4.09 billion.

“Luxury is seen as a good investment with people increasingly buying classic pieces 
rather than high fashion.”

 - Nick Cooper (Millward Brown Optimor Managing Director)

From lifestyle to fashion, it is critical for us to know the business values of the designer brands we choose because it is not only a possession and a piece of  iconography used to express our individual identity, but — an investment — more than ever.

So to those who can afford it, indulge! :)

Source: bloomberg


  1. parang ang hirap ma-pronunce yung iba, mabili pa kaya lol...i have a pre-owned original speedy30" LV and i'm so happy about it - practical pa rin:)

  2. Lets just say that your posts mke me wish to comment, something which i typically by no means do.

  3. @Arcee
    Well yeah but it's hot money and could be on top soon! You're pre-owned original LV speedy 30 is an investment. :)


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