Bigfish Innovation White 2012: PARTY in WHITE and in STYLE!

MANILA, Philippines - Saturday night of June 23rd, all roads lead to the World Trade Center for an awesome night of white clothe partyphiles and massive trance movement event of the year to celebrate Bigfish Innovation White 2012!

Bigfish and Freedom Music present Bigfish Innovation White 2012 with the biggest and most awaited event, line-ups of the most promising perfomances in electronic music today. Media and bloggers hold up together for a press conference with the stars of the White Party event:

 Myon and Shane54, Bobina, Cosmic Gate, and Emma Hewitt 

Registration booth and the line-ups at the entrance were full of white clothe party goers.

View from the Press room.

Bigfish Manila's Samantha Encabo and Jason Tomas 

And of course, these partyphiles love to groove and dance into electronic music in their coolest styles, looking like a million dollar outfits!

Enky Lagamayo in The Ramp skirt, top from a vintage store and Forever21 accesories. 

Bea Lagamayo stylish in Topshop and her own custom-made hair pieces!

Princess Alacid 

Omega Bianca Manego in Penshoppe skirt, Bayo peach coat, Mango gold belt and Zara shoes. 
Hot choices! :)

Julienne Villaran (left) in Randy Ortiz off-shoulder dress and Zara shoes

Men in style! 

Jayson Chang in white Topman polo, 
Burton London jeans, and Caederwood boots! 

White with a necktie!

Vintage v-neck tee, black biker coat!

Marco B.!

The Manila Urbanite's Bigfish Innovation White giveaway winner Jad Dela Cruz 
(who I owe an apology for coming in late)

Photographers' and Bloggers' Maya Briones, Resly George Amador and Janus Dela Cruz 
with their Power Horse energy drink.

One of the event's sponsor, Winston with an awesome booth!

Cosmic Gate in action! 

Emma Hewitt performances make everyone sway to her voice 
and jump up to the beat with Cosmic Gate!

Kuraaaayzie and awesome crowd in white! 

Myon and Shane54 came next which made everyone groove in the dancefloor!

For these crowd full of happy white smiles, night is still young at 4am!

Whites in blue lights!

Familiar faces from previous companies I worked for! :)

Topless men groovin', and kissin? :)

 Boys just wanna have fun!

The Urbanite behind the camera lenses! 
(Thanks for the stolen shot, Maya! Haha!)

Everyone had sooo much fun 
and it was a total BLAST!
Indeed, another night of happy memories 
where you will always miss when you wake up in the morning! :)

Photo credits: Maya Briones, Janus Dela Cruz 


  1. hi! thanks for posting our pictures. :) i hope you don't mind if i download it. =)

  2. Hey sugar sugar!
    Not at all. Go right ahead! :)


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