What's in the box?

I started using Ray-Bans since I was 10 years-old. My dad would want me to wear it and take me pictures, and would laugh harder than a dad would, totally forgetting life's trouble with his one and only son. I then realized loving it after high school where most of my school friends would wear, well, there's dad's Ray-Bans. (Haha!)

I must say that most people own a lot more sunglasses than anyone should, and they tend to go for Ray-Bans 95% of the time. The more classic and elegant taste so it goes without saying that Ray-Bans are our go-to brand. 

What's in the box?

With new trends coming out and hottest style to pair with fashionably accesories, Ray-Bans trying to pull fast one on everyone as they release new aviators as a fold-up. Now available in this and a few other colours/styles from any Sunglass Hut store nationwide.

Get one NOW and experience the style!

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