How To Layer Clothing, Blazers and Look Fashionable

I like it best when readers interact in my blog through comments, Twitter and Facebook. And as I was randomly checking my previous post, I've noticed that one of my readers posted something interesting!

A comment left after I published a post for LANVIN. So in case you're reading this, Hi JakeM22! :) 

I'm sorry to not have responded to your request the soonest (I get so kuraaayzie busy, sometimes Haha!) but yes, I have indeed something in my bucket to share about layering. 

Men’s clothing trends may not change as markedly as women’s, which gives us men the most advantage to mix and match our clothes seasons after seasons. But is important to know great ways of making your outfit different; personal and stylish; and still looks up to date, rock a fresh new look now and then.


Unlined blazers are being worn for all occasions to keep in the casual undertones, – not just the office or a party, but as accessories to a dressed-down outfit. In a neutral colour like beige or grey, blazers can work with almost any colour combination.

Formal and casual are blending together for the new season, so re-examine how items you already own could be used in a different way.

“I can go all over the world with just three outfits: 
a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, 
a gray flannel suit and black tie.”

The classic white shirt is never out of fashion, or blazers matched with either grey, black (but never black blazer on black undershirt) or simplistic black undershirts. But if you’re feeling daring, tartans and checks are more acceptable now than they’ve been for a long time – and as the temperatures rise, you might want to don the mod-influenced ankle-cropped pants that are coming into vogue.

Most celebrity stylist and fashion experts see brave, bold colours like tangerine and bright yellow come into fashion, combined with navy blues for balance for the next season. Alternatively, pair up classics like khaki with deep, robust reds, and for sportswear keep an eye on blues and greens. If you are dressing up for an occasion, double-breasted suits continue to be popular, and suits in general are getting looser and boxier.


Layer a cardigan over a fitted top. If you’re going for a polished and professional look, layer a cardigan over a fitted top. But choose the right inner shirt that won't make it look messy and bulky. And one thing about layering a cardigan is your style may look boring so choose the right mix and match of colors. 

Mix different fabrics: For a personal and stylish look mix different fabrics – put a dark colour cardigan or shrug over a T-shirt, a short military inspired blazer over a simple top or a coat/vest over a white shirt.

Using coloured socks: Layering is not only for the upper part of your body. Make sure the type of jeans/pants compliment the colour of socks your using for a warm, fashionable look.

Long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket: Wearing tight sitting, long sleeved shirts under T-shirt is not the way to go, if you’re no longer a teenager. But wearing a tight regular long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a scarf is going to make you look fresh and stylish.

Scarves. I'm not a fan of scarves, not as much as Chuck Bass the least but it is an essential item when wanting to achieve the layered look. Experiment and you’ll see the many ways a scarf can be worn. 

Don’t go for the safe, 
and just try what feels and looks best. 
You want to set trends – not follow them!

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