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I am my dad. I go, not only for the name but most importantly, for quality. He taught me that every single thing I buy should be worth more than it's price, an investment! This is why I see fashion as an investment. And when we speak of jeans, Lee has always been part of Filipino closets and our every week wear for years.

And as a giveback, Lee Jeans Philippines invites everyone to feel the pulse and rediscover the various experiences of where they live, and capture these moments to share and inspire through Lee Shadow Play Contest.

Lee Shadow Play is an online photography contest that will run until the 31 of August, 2012.

From basics - the shadows formed during sunrise or sunset, to the shadows created by trees, buildings/houses or electricity poles, to shadows formed by your favorite ice cream vendor, shadows of children playing in the street, or even from objects due to non-natural light sources.

Shadow Play encourages participants to play with shadows in their photographs.

Since light is the key to photography, one of the first things most photographers learn about is highlights, midtones, and shadows. All these elements all play a vital role in the craft that spotlights how a subject's shadow can really add something' special to a photograph.

Here are some of my favorite Shadow Play art pieces from JPMAG.com:

Mary Poppins et le Chat botté by Valentina Fontanella

Zebra by Mato Pavlovic

Yin Yang Shadows by Yasmina Baggili

Contest Mechanics:

1. Open to all 18 years old and above, photograph the shadows of the city.

2. Upload original photo entries to either Facebook or Twitter.

On Facebook, simply tag the Lee Jeans Philippines Fan Page and a geo-tag.

On Twitter, just include @LeeJeansPhils #LeeShadowPlay and a geo-tag.

You can use Instagram on your smartphone or go old school and use your cameras and upload your entries to www.leeshadowplay.com.

Photos should be 800 x 600 pixels, 72 dpi and in JPEG format.

3. Include a short description on every photo with maximum of 10 words.

4. Can upload photos up to three entries. Photos don’t necessarily have to be self-portraits for as long as your photo plays the shadow beautifully.

5. Photos should not contain drastic photo effects and editing using any kind of software/applications. Entry with such will be invalid and will not be considered.


Composition and unique subject matter —25%
Photo description —25%
Natural lighting/use of shadows —25%
Votes —25%

Judges will choose winning photos weekly based on the criteria provided. If your photo doesn’t win that week, you may still have a chance to win for the following weeks. 
Judging for weekly winners is every Wednesdays, 3pm.

Weekly winners will be announced  through registered mail, LED display on EDSA and Lee microsite. Announcement of weekly winners is every  Thursdays.

o August 9 weekly winner announcement
o August 16 weekly winner announcement
o August 23 weekly winner announcement
o August 30 weekly winner announcement
o September 1 grand winner announcement

Three winners weekly  get Php 1,500  worth of Lee gift certificates each  (valid from August 9, 2012 to August 9, 2013). One winner weekly gets a Lee x Lomography La Sardina camera.

All weekly winners shall be eligible to join the final judging phase.  Runners up get one fixie bike each designed by Kiko Escora.

The grand prize winner gets $2,000 USD.
Grand prize winner will be announced on September 1, 2012 in the event at the B-Side.

For more information, visit www.leeshadowplay.com
You may also post and ask questions to Lee Jeans Philippines Fan Page 
and Twitter account.   

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