Bigfish Innovation Black 2012 Aftershock

It was all lights and color around black-clothe club kids with awesome set from DJs midnight 'til dawn during the Bigfish Innovation Black 2012 held Saturday, August 25th at the World Trade Center.

Another party-all-night success from Team Bigfish Manila with Cuervo Black and Power Horse Energy Drink. And yes! I came early (LOL!) really excited to meet Dave and Chad of Tritonal Duo, though I was kind of not prepared with questions for the press conference. Sheeez! >_< 

The talk went all smiles and awesome news from Tritonal about a new album they're working on which will be coming out soon. Chad mentioned about being confident on their standing and their music as being nominated for the 2012 DJ MAG TOP 100 (which I ask all you guys to vote in my previous post, hope you did!) and that I couldn't agree more being a Tritonian for over a year now. Dave talks about how he looks forward going back to the Philippines with his Filipino girlfriend, singer and songwriter Elleah and laughs echoed the press room when he mentioned the famous Filipino dish "Adobo"

Sorry to say Janus and I didn't take much photos since I'm dying to have a blast hearing all tracks played by Tritonal. And oh! Janus, the better photog than I am (and he calls me "tamad" (lazy ass) all night. Haha!) is sick but still made it - see how we club kids do fun? LOL! But yeah, we did managed to still get some clicks and shots though... all for yah! :) 

This guy moves really fast and never stops dancing for a photo, 
Janus and I almost gave up. Damn! Haha. 

Bigfish's Jason Tomas 

Club kids on VIPs!

Fashionably hot ladies in black 

Janus and newly found friends (LOL!)

Tritonal's Dave and Chad on set playing REALLY awesome tracks for hours!  

This isn't just your ordinary party experience, it's Bigfish!

Muscled and toned or not, these boys partied all cool!

Friends just wanna have fun!

DJ Jerome Isma-Ae heating the dance floor with groovin' tracks on set. 

The squeekie shot with Michael Macalos and Jason Tomas

In the Media Room with Janus

Strike a pose, vogue!

Do you have the MOVES?! 

"Hell YEAH!"

It was yet another Bigfish party we wish never ended, 
but what's with the sad face?

I'm saving all nerves to wear that 
crazy pink bunny ears costume (LOL!)
for the country's BIGGEST and longest running 
halloween costume party 
happening on October 27th - CREAM Halloween Ball!

Whatcha think? 
See y'all! ^_^

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