Lee Shadow Play Winners

Night lights starts to glow with overflowing excitement of artistic minds and all roads led to B-Side Bar in Malugay Street, Makati City as culminating party held Saturday, September 1st to announce the winners for the Lee Shadow Play Photo Contest by Lee Jeans Philippines.   

Creative Director Dale Lopez and Visual Artist Kiko Escora (both Lee Urban Riders x Manila Fixed Gear designers) reviewed all qualified and worthy-of-winning entries, together with Fashion Photographer Kai Huang and other Lee Jeans Philippines’ executives, and closed the Shadow Play Photo Contest with the following decisions:

“Monster Shadow”
by Cy P. Mercado
3rd Runner up

“The Right Form of Christmas”
by Aldin Krisnan Barrido  
2nd Runner up

“Going Home”
by Kliene Manaois Eco
1st Runner up

“The Marching Band”
by Robert Reyes

“I was facing the sun when I took the photo where the subject produced silhouettes. And when I inverted the picture, the resulting shadow became more distinguished and clearly showed a Marching Band.” 

Robert Reyes, an events photographer, explained. Reyes said the photo was taken during the Annual Ibon-Ebon Festival in Candaba, Pampanga.

Reyes won $ 2,000 USD while the three runners up won a Lee Urban Riders x Manila Gear fixie bikes designed by Kiko Escora and Dale Lopez’s Team.

Pasok mga Bwitre and Nyko Maca with Gafieira performed which gave an awesome ending to the Lee Shadow Play. Winning photos will be shown in most electronic billboards along EDSA.

You may also visit Lee Shadow Play website to view these photos 
and the rest of the online entries submitted.

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  1. Thank you for the mention..more power!

  2. Amazing how shadows can put a picture an edge, shadows may be dark but dark has a different story to tell.. very nice..

  3. This is a unique way of showing creativity that I haven't heard of till this post, very interesting.

  4. Great photos from the winners. They really deserve to win here.

  5. wow amazibng photos... they used the shadow wisely and depicted deep emotions out of it... congratulations

  6. the right of christmas shadows looks os nice for me though every one did a great job! very artistic! xx

  7. Ganda! Got an idea to take night shots and play with the shadows and darkness. Galing talaga nito!

  8. I bet one of the reason why The Marching Band won is because of its great arrays of perspective which create a delightful interesting shadow display between the untrue and real.

  9. Shadows and Shaded emotions :)

  10. The photos are pure art. A lot of emotions not dark but a mix of percolating emotions. Lee rocks!

  11. SHADOW may be dark and boring because of its characteristic as a reflection of anything but these photos proved otherwise. Great captures!

  12. i love the shot you have taken the one with shadows? is it coincidence or you are just simply skilled?

  13. Going Home's epic. Great shots. I like how the photographer captured the moment. Yun yun eh.

  14. it is amazing how the shadows brought life to the pictures. Great shots!

  15. Fascinating shots! laglag palda ko, to see silhouette and shadow images.

  16. Amazing shots! Congratulations to all the winners, they deserve it!

  17. 2K USD??? wow!
    I could have joined too, kidding!
    With shadows as a theme, its very conventional to process photos in black and white, an easy yet obvious choice..
    the winning photo looks really interesting especially that it was inverted..

  18. Wow, really great entries! A well-deserved win!

  19. Wow, ganda nga mga shots above,very creative.

  20. Ang gaganda naman ng mga pictures. I like the “Going Home” by Kliene Manaois Eco.:)


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