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Updated March 22, 2013: Introducing PERXCLUB 2.0!

What's in your wallet? 

Most people (and that includes me, like most men) hates bulky wallets. But as for someone on-the-go, you really have no choice! (or do you?) You got to have all of your cards – bank financial cards like ATMs, debit and credits cards (if not those that you frequently use); VIP calling cards, membership and health insurance cards; and yes, the ones even more adding to the already bulky wallets – loyalty and rewards cards!

My everyday wallet: Peso bills, ATMs (includes emergency savings card), health insurance membership card, credit card, my calling cards and my I'm-in-a-hurry stored MRT (Metro Rail Transit) card. 
Last May 2012, I met Nelson Dizon of Mobile Optima Inc. at the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit while having lunch. Even that early, he invited me to be at the launch dinner of the project their team was working on. With all the hints and little details of what it is all about, it felt like my wallet wants to give him a huge I-Love-You smooch and butterfly kisses (not for the money, silly! haha) for this new loyalty and rewards mobile application. 

So come end of August, my VIP pass for the exclusive launch party has been sent. And after that were all fuzz and buzz from Netizens in blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter and from different online communities of what this new mobile application for smartphones can do. 

Lucky for me, I'm invited. So let me take you to the next generation loyalty and rewards solutions! 

Exclusively launched September 17 at The Decagon, Pasig City, PERXCLUB Mobile App brings many smiles and solutions to most questions and even problems of both consumers and merchants. That's right! No more additional plastic loyalty cards that makes our wallet extra heavy and bulky, and more than ever destroys it's best shape and quality (and damn I know you'll agree on that. Hello my LV Damier Graphite! haha

The pioneering mobile app developer and digital marketing solutions company - Mobile Optima Inc. introduces a breakthrough in customer loyalty program that's inspired by security, innovation and most importanly, convenience! 

“Perxclub is the Philippines first and only digital customer rewards program that digitalizes loyalty cards and puts them all in phone,” 
said Mobile Optima Chief Marketing Strategist Jerry Ilao.
Perxclub has the top and our go-to brands in the metro ranging from retail shops, restaurants, snacks and beverages and even service brands so you don’t have to fill out multiple loyalty card registrations ever again. Just by downloading the free Perxclub mobile app, you can simply collect Perxtamps (or digital stamps) everytime you purchase and you’ll be on your way of earning exciting rewards and freebies. When it comes to security and data keeping, Perxclub has a remote data back-up system so there’s no need to worry of losing your hard-earned stamps, even when you lose your phone just by downloading the app again, all your old Perxstamps and existing rewards will be automatically synchronized to your new phone.  

The app is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD on App Stores for both iOS and Android phones. Let me show you how: 

1) Go to App Store and search Perxclub
2) Install the FREE Perxclub Mobile App in your smartphone
3) You can either Log In using your Facebook account or manually register

5) Log In via Facebook or your registered email account
6) I'll be too wordy to tell you everything about this app, so its your turn to discover what's in it for you! :)

UPDATES APPENDEDPerxclub 2.0 is initially available for iPhone and iPad and soon for Android devices.

To update to Perxclub 2.0:
1. Refresh your current Perxclub Blue app to save your stamps.
2. Download the update from the App Store

The Perxclub exclusive launch was attended by almost 200 guests who enjoyed sumptous dinner at the start of the event, with Perxclub partner merchants giving away freebies and treats to guests and VIPs. The event was hosted by DJ Delamar Arias of RX 93.1's The Morning Rush who entertained everyone with her wit and charm. 

And I had a chance to meet and talk to her on her dressing room. 

She's really nice and pretty! :)

 And oh! The Asiansation Christian Bautista was there. 
He totally has an amazing voice and is one of OPM singers that I like. 
And yes, Erik Santos too. LOL! 

And guess who I spotted?

...the hottie fitness coach Chappy Callanta! :) 

Biencarlo Caro, Marketing Manager of Pepper Lunch

Lifestyle blogger Jing Javier won the biggest prize of the night, the Sony Xperia Tipo! 

Miguel Dela Rosa - Marketing Director of Sumo Sam Group

Mobile Optima Inc. Corporate Relations Manager Rio Ilao being interviewed by ETC

One of the guests who took home a brand new HP Laser Printer from Ink-All-You-Can!

Walter Mariner, Operations Manager of Wendy's poHILS

Winners of Tweet #Perxclub 

Winners of the Hunt for the Perxcode game!

And see below how many Perxclub partner merchants' 
were there in the launch and had giveaways and freebies we all really enjoyed 
(and took advantage? LOL!

And of course, THESE! ^_^

Start enjoying more perks, earning rewards 
and get more freebies. 

More social. More interactive. More rewarding. There's a lot to discover! 
Download now for FREE!

Follow Perxclub on Twitter! 

Photo credits: The Manila Urbanite and Krisha Cala-or


  1. Perxclub thus make carrying cards a lot easier. I also deal with the bulky wallet problem because of several cards in my wallet.

  2. 1000 likes for this! :)

  3. Looks very promising but seems complicated as of now. Hope it picks up and be popular.

  4. Perxclub makes shopping experience fun and easy! Thank God this is in the Philippines!

  5. @FYHMD

    You may think it's complicated, but I assure you it's 100% convenient and easy to use! Best way to know is downloading the FREE Perxclub mobile app and see for yourself.

    Everyone at the launch was amazed when Mobile Optima Chief Marketing Strategist Jerry Ilao did the demo. And everyone else who can read this and was at the event can prove that Miguel Dela Rosa, the Marketing Director of Sumo Sam Group pledged another brand merchant to be part of Perxclub partner merchants. That alone says it all! ^_^

    Thank you for visiting my blog,FYHMD! :)

  6. Quirky - I've never been too big a fan of loyalty programs since the associated fees often outweigh the benefits offered. But I'll try to give this one a further look.

  7. The best part of this app is its FREE! Hahaha! Date kase nagbabayad pa ko for membership fee or reg fee, or naiipon ng receipts. Now, its a lot easier. Since marami naman ako apps na puro games (hehehe), why not download an app for freebies? HAHA

  8. Well, I hope they'll release the version for Android. I think its fun!

  9. ANDROID version pleezzee!

  10. Finally! Sa wakas we have like this. Thanks Manila Urbanite for sharing!

  11. Bakit pang iPhone lang! Luge!! BB ako eh!

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  16. It's nice to know that Perxclub, a mobile app that promotes a customer loyalty program, is finally available. But why bother when Tagbond, a social media marketing and payment platform, has already been built, released and used by over 70 businesses already? Aside from the deals, discounts and rewards, Tagbond also uses NFC and QR code technologies to maximize its potentials!

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  17. Play the Game of Tumblers at our Facebook page! Hope you guys win!

  18. Looks like it's going to have fun shopping there :) That for sharing this :)


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