Rogue Exposé On Superstar Blogger BryanBoy

Everyone has their own secret dirty deeds. 
But others have a little bit too much.

It was a crazy September 5th when Rogue Magazine’s September 2012 issue, with an explosive exposé from Chuvaness, Brian Gorrell and more about fashion superstar blogger BryanBoy was released.

It became the talk of talks on Twitter, blogosphere, forums and even in Facebook. Someone I know even Instagram-ed the cover.

If you want a piece of this juicy issue (like right now!), I suggest you get it through I was out for a Saturday eat-and-drive with siblings last night and checked, it isn't on bookstores and magazine stands yet - we were in SM Mall of Asia and we even checked the ones in Makati. But it maybe will be available in bookstores this coming week.

But I tell you, this is something you could't resist of getting your own copy.

Flip after flips of the pages made me raise my eyebrows, smiled to agree and moved on until I finished reading the feature article. Some character I tried guessing from what I knew, heard and read from years ago, and others were confirmation that it might really did happened. You see, reading as intriguing as this about BryanBoy isn’t a shocker for me. And I think there’s much more things and deeds that others may have shared about the “boy”, but may have chosen to forget and moved on. You may think this is a pretty long riveting article, but you haven’t read much yet.

I know much to your dismay, my dear readers, but I couldn't spoil any of it here. But I know the urge to still want to know more.

Let’s start with, how much more do you want to know?

To be continued…

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