When All Troubled Thoughts Meet

Influential superstar fashion blogger. VIP front-row fixture in international fashion shows with Anna Wintour. A bag named after him by Marc Jacobs. Judge in America’s Next Top Model. Almost famous to anywhere in the world. Francis Bryan Yambao, or Bryan Grey-Yambao, or well-known as BryanBoy.

But do anyone of us know who he is years back?
Was he behind the scandalous gossip site – ChikaTime?   
Did he really get funds to spend his glitzy lifestyle from credit card fraud?

Photo credits: Refinery29.com

I know Bryanboy only about 2007 – which was then from what I’ve seen, heard and read – were all good stuff. A rich-bitch funny blogger that is liked by almost every Netizens online. He gets a lot of comments post after post. He even won an award as Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog on the First Philippine Blog Awards, that gave more glitters to his already well-known name and blog, since he started 2004. And yes, he is one of the reason, who inspired me a lot that I started blogging.

So if you’re someone that would want fame, designer brand possessions, famous hotel check-ins, and moneyed lifestyle (which by the way, most of us cannot imagine much where he gets the funds), you’d probably die of jealousy and envy. But as I said before, everyone has their own secret dirty deeds. But others just have a little bit too much.

If you haven’t read the controversial exposé of Rogue Magazine’s September 2012 issue about the Le Superstar Fabuleux – Bryanboy, I suggest you start reading these portion of the investigative feature HERE and get a copy or buy through Zinio.com.

But for now, let me take you back with people who may have revealed what the real Bryanboy may have been nine years ago.

This is something that may not have proof if happened. But true or not, by reading it all through, you can decide if you’d let your mind flow and believe, or you’ll let it close to anything that he may have done to get where he is now and move on. After all, no one can make you believe in something without your consent.

So here it is.

When The Chic Hits The Fan – Chic Happens! by Kitty Go

PS. Posts are not directly naming Bryanboy as the character, but my guess is just as good as yours. So chill! :)

The first strike (or was it really first?) posted October 5, 2010. It talks about a lot of rants? and close to tell-all stories of possible stealing other people’s money and compared (although less compared) to Bernie Madoff and Ken Starr. This talks about using numerous credit cards under different names and blackmailing someone into paying for his first trip to Australian Fashion Week.

Next was posted October 10, 2010, taking readers back from Year 2003-2008 before international designer brands and shows gets the “character” in.

Another post has a photo of a Louie Vuitton wallet full of credit card? as decribed “Whose wallet is this? Is it possible for a Philippine resident with no net worth to acquire all these cards? (Just asking...)”

Photo credits: Kitty Go

This is also where an extremely anonymous gossip site ChikaTime.com was thought to be managed by the “boy” that became a daily guilty pleasure of almost everyone who loves talking about someone especially from the Manila high society, socialites, politicians and celebrities alike, until becomes the subject of humiliation and gossips.   

The last post “Come Fly With Me” has something about an airline company that may have filed a legal case against Francis Bryan Yambao and a Jason Robert McGinnis for making fraudulent on-line orders of plane tickets using fraudulently acquired credit cards. Although, this may not have proof to make us believe it more, but who knew! Again, your guess is only as good as mine.

On February 2012, Jenna Sauers of Observer.com wrote about How Fashion Blogger BryanBoy Became a Front-Row Fixture, which Chuvaness revealed the first offer to be interviewed sometime between December 2011 or January 2012 about the said fashion blogger, but decided not to until she took Rogue’s offer.  

So there you have it.

Let's have an open mind. As what our parents remind us always, no good deeds goes unpunished. How others treat us is their karma, how we react is ours. Doing wrong to others can be buried deep but then again it really never goes away. No matter how far we run and hide, it always catches us up in the end and when it does… it will definitely kick your balls (in case you do have one).

That being said, I guess this post is better ended with...


  1. wow.. cool article!! didn't thought that bryan boy's past was intriguing.. I used to think that he was just some rich kid who came from a rich family where he could gain everything.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  2. @Jaztien

    Yeah. When things turned out to be something you wish you never knew. But then again, the best thing about knowing what other people could have done wrong is us learning from it.

    - YAM


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