Bigfish Manila CREAM Halloween Ball 2012: Crazy and Insane Halloweekend

Halloween is the best time to really, really let go and have the best f*cking time of our lives. Even we can't pretend that it's the weekend we can get potentially bedazzled, face-painted and cape-wearing clever cluster unless you end up dancing solo, high on fast beats and drunk moves.

Whether you want to bloody yourself up like zombies or cover and sweat glitters, there's no other parties can round up and be thrown as the best Halloween costume dance event like Bigfish does!

And on it's 12th magical year, Manila's spookiest and coolest were led to the World Trade Center for the biggest and largest Halloween costume party event of the year - Bigfish Manila CREAM Halloween Ball 2012 held Saturday, October 27.

With bizarre and amazing costumes come to life, Bigfish Manila CREAM Halloween Ball 2012 were attended by hundreds of the Metro's partyphiles in their best styles, looking like a million dollar costumes.

When I got inside World Trade Center around past 10-ish, there were totally insane crowd on the lines going in and on ticket booths. 

There were no time to waste before press conference/meeting the DJs, and so I started taking shots. 

There I met Isabel and Camille Rodriguez of

And The Bomb Girlfriends of the Night, 
Bigfish Manila's PR Jason Tomas as blonde BayWatch chick 
and Marx Cabrera who looks like the skinny version of Iza Calzado.

Bigfish's new Account Executive Unika Zapanta in a Lady Navy outfit

In the press room with DJ Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas, Bigfish International's COO Ricky D, and Simon Patterson

These are the views from the hall entrance going in... A M A Z I N G!

SPOTTED! My favorite SIR shirt designer and DJ Marc Gueco 

...on moves and groovin' with ANTM's Mike Carandang, Fashion Maven Charina SarteDong Ronquillo of Globe Telecom and Tess Villareal.

Sips to serve thirsty... anyone? LOL!

Violet and Snow White, and a little black and white in between! :)

Chic call-center warrior meets Maid-In-Manhattan

Bert and Ernie with Ninja Turle chick, and a lady? in black

That hammers says it all — Thor!

Casually winged!

Pretty winged!

Party kiddos!

Santa's drop-out reindeer!

Hell don't look for Pajamas no more 'coz we got four Bananas!

Up's cute kid Russell is all grown up! :)

Mini and Bruce Wayne

Queen of the Damned!

Indians with cool tank tops x Lord of the Rings!

Josh the Kanto Boy! LOL

Rainbow pixie and friends!

Sucking all awesomeness! - Jigsaw

Spidey and Bane!

Greetings from Nile River!

Casual DeadMau5

Made for witching hour!

Read thru her shirt! :)

Poison Ivy!

Pretty boys in sweat shorts!

Aren't your friends witty?

Hot nurse with Boy Ligo

Boy meets Girl

I want that pink Bunny ears!!!

Totally jelly!

BFFs Ariel and Ursula!

Old man's bucket list: Party all night!

DeadMau5 in suit!

Pretty face from SbeTV

 Boy Bawang and Zombie girlfriends

MIA from Alaska - winter wonderland girl!

EX-Men: Mystique!

High School royalties!


LMFAO x 2!

Batoru Rowaiaru! (Battle Royale)

Manila's club kid Vada Agapito 
and her studed bra all over the place. LOL!


Crime fighter Paolo Rebullida 

Man of Steel, Clark Kent!

the kick-ass Z-moves!


Summit Media peeps!

Fresh at 4am!

Ink-ed Ninja! 

Rockin' it to the beat!

Josh Arcega and Josh Matsuyama  

Mummies on loose!

The great Bigfish warrior!

Campy horror-film reference....

 — or three!

Meet Mr. Cool Guy Mickey - the Lifeguard blowing his whistle!

Met his friends too, cute couple T & W. 
W (a celebrity) called me yesterday and asked not to publish their photo. 
They were awesome and really nice though! :)

Is it just us, or has Halloween been an excuse 
for us to kick-start the pop-culture meme machine? 
As much as we all heart Halloween, (and you know we really do) 
we can't deny it's one of the best parties of the year. 
So okay, I left my wallet in the cab to Ayala. But IDGFF! 
One thing is for sure, 
I had a blast and I know absof*ckinglutely... you did too! :)

PS. In case you're grabbing some photos here, a credit back is enough. :) 
And yes, leave some comments too! 
**Whatever-I'm-getting-cheese-fries wink!** XO

Bigfish Manila CREAM Halloween Ball 2012 was brought to by:
 Freedom MusicBacardi “Made to Mix” and Power Horse Energy Drink “Free Your Energy”; official music and TV channels MTVAXNSony beTV; and Diamond Hotel.

Official media partners: Magic 89.9, Focus Media, Killer Bee, Mellow 94.7, Wave 89.1, 99.5 RT, Velvet, People Asia, The Philippine Star, Business Mirror, The Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Business World,,,, FocalCast, Media Magnet, and

Special thanks to O Music& Video, Gold’s Gym, Bigfish Radio at Magic 89.9 and Bigfish TV at PDLT WatchPad.

Supported by The Philippine Department of Tourism.


  1. I enjoyed the photos. I like Mystique and Alaska girl the most! :)

  2. I'm glad that people actually dress up for these things!

    Yay for the Zsazsa costume and was surprised at Whiplash, hehe. He's a friend.


  3. cool party!

  4. "Batoru Rowaiaru! (Battle Royale)"

    heyyyy! THATTTTT'SSSS ME and my friends! AHAHAHAHA! Anyways.. thanks for posting our pic! *wink

    -the blonde student.

  5. Big Fish throws the biggest party. I'm sure this one's a blast and the costumes of the participants look really good.

  6. Wow! It was great meeting you, too! :)

  7. oohh wow! thanks for posting Batoru Rowaiaru! sayang kung alam ko lang na blogger ka :)


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