Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Underwear Collection

The cold weather and heavy traffic around the Metro remind us all that Christmas is fast approaching. 
We make a list. We shop. 

But have you thought of including 'new underwear' on your list? 

We all know men should never neglect down there. When it comes to undies, if you can afford expensive ones it does pay off - nothing like wearing sandpaper around your butt! Bedroom attire offers so many foreplay gestures. You know what they say, a good underwear can certainly get you excited for all the right reasons! 

This is where the Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Collection comes in. It has a modern, clean and offers vibrant colors and dramatic x-ray inspired designs. The striking slick-shine waistband includes a side-placed logo in front while the trunk itself boasts a contoured pouch and an x-ray image pattern. Well, what can I say! It is crucial, important, great gifts and offer a lot to all involved.

Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Cotton Trunk Profile Skull $34

Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Micro Low Rise Trunk Hand Print $34

Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Cotton Trunk - Skull Black / Yellow / Velvet $34

Calvin Klein Bold X-Ray Micro Low Rise Trunk Skull $34

See more of Calvin Klein Underwear Collection and all the best sellers!

Get X-Raytified. 
Get Calvin Klein!


  1. aside from the brand itself, I think there is nothing special about their new collection.. it's expensive and very mediocre.. I think CK should come up with a better idea.. :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  2. hmmmm never thought of including underwear on my shopping list this season.. it usually comes with the start of the school year.. as I by new undies for my kids, I also buy some for my hubby


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