The Boyfriend Look: Style and Comfort

Are you tired of high heels and dresses?  
Are you fed up with wearing stuffy business suits?
If you are a college student, are you looking for an easy, laid back look that is cute as well as comfortable?

Fashion and comfort often don't go hand in hand, but the current trend of women wearing men's clothes (boyfriend clothes) gives women the best of both worlds - style and comfort! Pulling this look together is simple, and you can either shop from your boyfriend's closet or at the men's section in the store. You'll need two basic items: mens shirts, hoodies and jeans!

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The best shirt for this look is a men's button down, white shirt that is a bit baggy, but not too loose. The jeans should be a bit baggy, but still hug your curves. If you don't want to actually borrow your boyfriend (or  husband's) clothes, but you still want to pull off this look, it is easy enough to do.

Casual Look

Boyfriend jeans are available for women at popular retailers.  They come in a variety of colors.  Choose the denim color that you like best, and for an edgier look, choose some with distressed patches or holes. For a casual look, pair the jeans with a nice tee shirt and sandals.

Dressier Look

For a dressier, more mature look, pair boyfriend jeans with a silky blouse by itself or underneath a blazer, or a tee shirt with a button down shirt over it. 

Keep in mind, the boyfriend look is usually casual and more suitable for a day out with friends or chasing the kids or running errands.  Doing tasks like that, it is best to be stylish and comfortable.

Another bonus of this look?  

Many men love it and find it cute, especially if their girlfriend is wearing their clothes.

Embrace the boyfriend look while it is popular. It isn't often that women can be stylish and comfortable. And this look is great for women from their teens to their 40s. If only all fashion could be suitable for all ages.

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