Grace Under Pressure

This morning when I woke up, I immediately checked the clock. It's past 9AM and Miss Universe 2012 has started so I sat up in bed and turn on the TV, just in time when Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon was called as one of the Top 16. I called Mum, who was with Tito Alden, to watch with me. 

The women that advanced to the top 16 were Miss Venezuela, Miss Hungary, Miss France, Miss Peru, Miss Russia, Miss Mexico, Miss Poland, Miss Turkey, Miss South Africa, Miss Philippines, Miss Croatia, Miss Brazil, Miss Kosovo, Miss Australia, Miss India and Miss USA.

It went well, from Top 16 to be the last one called for top 10 (Miss Australia, Miss Russia, Miss Brazil, Miss France, Miss Venezuela, Miss USA, Miss Hungary, Miss South Africa, Miss Mexico and Miss Philippines) until called 3rd for the Top 5 - Miss Venezuela, Miss Philippines, Miss Australia, Miss USA and Miss Brazil

Then there goes the Question and Answer.

I was on Twitter the whole time - and mind you, not everyone in my timeline are all Filipinos. Thus, it makes me even more happier to know that other countries supports the Philippines and Australia as the strongest competitor for the crown based on how they answer the questions. 

And then the unexpected happened, Miss USA has been called as Miss Universe 2012! 

Rage, rants and jokes were all over the internet after watching what happened.

Not only that my Twitter timeline cried with disappointment from the judges, but almost everyone think it wasn't right. Even E! Online quoted and thinks Miss Philippines had the best answer of all 5. 

I joined the rage and hatred on Twitter for hours about the results but then I thought, no! The Philippines and the Filipino people... we're supposed to be different. We have always been looked down of any thing negative brought by our fellow countrymen but generally, we're all raised with love and great wisdom from our elderly and we, from a third world country, should know better! And so I stopped - that is after I quoted some opinions of non-Filipino citizens on my timeline and tweeted Mr. Donald Trump, Jr (LOL!

I know! Haha :)

If you'd like to watch the replay of Miss Universe 2012, let me share you this link I've found.

Congratulations to Miss USA Olivia Culpo for winning the Miss Universe 2012 crown. 

And to Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon, we couldn't be more proud you've stand out with pride, beauty and confidence putting up a good fight for everyone here in the Philippines! You've answered Nigel Barker's question very well. You taking the 1st Runner-up title with all smiles and grace proves that having a heart to serve and a strong mind to influence and inspire people is what Miss Universe is all about! 

We are all proud of you! 

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  1. I'm also happy about her performance in the Miss U. She's a great Filipina! :)


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