Big Summer Sale at SM Mall of Asia

They say buy the best things you can afford, even though it means buying less. But even Cary Grant knows it all too well that when it comes to fine leather and quality clothes, no one has to restrict himself to only buying one suit or a pair of shoesas long as it can outlast the usual and would continue to proclaim your good judgment and taste no matter how old they become

And there's no better way for great finds and good deals than a huge mall sale. And yes, there's one happening TODAY until the rest of the weekend and it's one of the biggest in the metro! 

Get up to 70% off discount on selected items from a lot of participating stores on the Big Summer Sale at SM Mall of Asia from April 19 to April 21, 2013

You can enjoy these discounts on these mall hours:

April 19 | 9AM to 12MN
April 20 | 10AM to 12MN
April 21 | 10AM to 11PM

And there's more!

Get 50% OFF on VIP Patron Standing tickets worth P15,000.00 for Aerosmith's Global Warming World Tour happening on May 8, 2013 exclusive at the Big Summer Sale. 

Yes, get it half the price from April 19-21, 2013 only at SM Mall Of Asia!
Tickets are available at the booths located at the Main Mall near the Ice Skating Rink.

For inquiries, call +632-5560680 or visit

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  1. The Sale and the Concert would definitely have mall of Asia Packed. The people would love it here.

  2. SM MOA is my favorite mall and shopping there is like being in heaven haha however I have limited budget to spend now.

  3. It's great to see fun activities like this - mall sales, amazing concerts, and other wonderful stuff - being offered in Manila :) you guys living there are quite lucky ;)

    *sorry for messing up with your comments' system earlier ;)

  4. These discounts are massive! I'm sure everyone would love to grab a share in his/her own convenience. :)

  5. indeed people would love the summer sale!! having to experience with concert is another great idea! xx

  6. It's a good thing that I have cut all my credit cards na, because if not, I will be the first one to visit MOA during this sale event.

  7. The perks of being in the Metro.. :)

  8. the ticket!! I want to buy this one so bad...!

  9. big sales and rocket to Aerosmith concert, Wow! that's something many will love. We'll check this event.

  10. I just wish there was a way I could teleport from Baguio to Manila this instant. 70% off? It's almost as if Don Corleone just handed you an offer you couldn't refuse.

  11. Ugh! This is so tempting! But I really need to save money for a new set of car speakers! Can't decide, 'coz I love shopping for clothes! :(

  12. Hehehehe...binalik mo din sa dati. Mine too doesn't work pag GOOGLE+ COMMENT gmit ko, nawala lahat mga comments. Well anyway going back sa post mo...Shoppers addict will surely love this!

    1. It was definitely a pain in the ass. Thanks, Raine!

  13. I love BAYO, and this is the sale that I regret not being able to go! Waaa... :D


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