Red Bull Tagged 2013

After hours of tagging themselves in the event page, lucky partyphiles were able to get their names in the list in one of the most exclusive party event of the year hosted by Red Bull Philippines

A wise man once said Music is a proof that life is meant to feel good, as to why almost everyone decided to kick-off the long weekend before heading to the beach as the cat clue is finally out the bag and all roads lead to Seventh High on 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Wednesday March 27, 2013 for a night of good music and all-night fun  – Red Bull Tagged 2013!

Launched in Austria in 1987, the premium Red Bull energy drink in the blue silver can is produced exclusively in Europe.

And today, Red Bull blue silver can energy drink gives wings to people in more than 165 countries and has become the most preferred energy drink worldwide - with 4.6 billion cans sold in 2011.

 Sasha Zakharka, Jonas Aslarona, EJ Miranda and Patricia Geneva

As doors closed 12-ish and every hoodies, EDM and trance-loving soldiers are all in, chic DJs Kat de Jesus and Patty Tiu of Deuce Manila started to heat up the dance floor with their sick beat. 

Followed by one of the hottest DJs in Manila clubbing royalties, Sanya Smith and Ornusa Cadness of The Zombettes' blew everyone away!

Everyone went kuraaaaayzie as Motherbasss' DJ-drummer duo NixDamnP and Macky Brillantes of Stick Figgas took over stage and put a spotify beat on deck made everyone jumping and dancing on their feet.

And finally, Paradise and Sunny B of YellowFever heart-jumpin' beat proved that crowd-surfing can ever happen!


Jason Go 

Karraminah del Rosario, Landon Leoncio and a friend. 

Pierre Lorang and friends

Jonas with Donna Mae Congson and her brother.

DJ Fabian and Sha Supangan

Pauline Malvas, Kc Marcelo and Gio Limjoco 

Macky Brillantes of Motherbasss and EJ Miranda

The Red Bull Team! 
(top left to right) Chino, Roxci, Vergs, Jericho and Jonas
(lower left to right) a friend, Patricia, Joanna, Alex and Rach 

Gio Limjoco, Antonio Larrauri and Sha Supangan 

Jonas with Mariane Dael 

It was truly a night of amazingly good music, head-bangin' crowd-surfin' and wildest fun. Another successful event by Red Bull Philippines!

That being said, I leave you with this video... ENJOY! :)

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  1. The events like really a fun one and has a nice party atmosphere.

  2. Obviously,everyone who been there at the party enjoyed a lot. and i love the design of the car been posted. :]

  3. As to pictures indeed red bull shows great result, more energy more happy.. :)

  4. Looks like a fun-filled night! I've never tried drinking redbull though. :p

  5. Looks like you all have fun and energized with Red Bull that night! - karen

  6. The event looked fun and nice!

    I have not tasted Red Bull drink ever in my life. My friends say it's very strong so I'd rather not try it.

  7. I remember that this was the one which was privately hyped and looks like it ended up as a successful event.

  8. I love the term "partyphiles" :P The event looks to me like a huge success and you guys had a lot of fun!

  9. If I was there at the party, I am going to rock on the night with my full time dancing. Hahahahaha....

  10. This looks like one hell of a party. I just wish I was there so I can mix Red Bull with an espresso shot or something. That'd get me partying for a week....

  11. This looks like one hell of a party. I just wish I was there so I can mix Red Bull with an espresso shot or something. That'd get me partying for a week....

  12. I have never tasted Red Bull before! Does it taste like Lipovitan?

  13. It's electricz and sizzling! Super hot party!

  14. Cool disc jockeys eh? :) I should have attended the event...

  15. Looks like a fun event. I guess everyone's hyper from all the free redbull! :)


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