Julia Montes Is The New Face of Debut By Juan Carlo

They say our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.

And in most part of the world, eighteen is when we are regarded as an adult, flaunting our driver's license, and exercise our right to vote. Even Paris Hilton knows it all too well, that it is more than just always acting like you're wearing an invisible crown everyday... young enough to get away with things, but old enough, too. Which is why traditions are made to remind and pass the wisdom, whether through a simple party or  the most grandest debutante ball.

And for someone like Julia Montes, it is a dream debut come true. And it was all made possible by Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. and the best team of suppliers.

Julia Montes on debutante gowns designed by Pepsi Herrera. 

Watch this! :)

Last May 26, the esteemed celebrity caterer Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. and a group of experts come together to make every young women's dream come true and launched Debut By Juan Carlo at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City.

View more photos here!

Engr. Alex del Rosario, President of Juan Carlo The Caterer Inc. with Julia Montes, Marketing Director Juan Carlo del Rosario, VP Teresita del Rosario, and Brent Francisco. 

Juan Carlo del Rosario, Marketing Director, envisioned this idea to create an organization carrying the passion for great food and creativity where debutantes can go to and have the complete and a magical debut experience. 

Debutantes have always wanted to strike the perfect balance between the classy and sophisticated aura with the most fun and personal touch. Debut by Juan Carlo assures to revolutionize the whole debutant ball concept, moving away from the usual to provide an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind 18th birthday experience. 

To create an exclusive community creating a dream come true special night for debutantes,  Debut by Juan Carlo allies with some of the best suppliers in the country:
  • Hearts and Bells Special Cakes
  • Top Cakes 
  • Edd Sy Fashion Designs 
  • JC Buendia Fashion Designs  
  • Eve and Company Floral and Event Styling 
  • The Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa 
  • Henry Pascual Event Styling 
  • Eddie Bruan Hair and Make-up 
  • Make-up by Pong Niu 
  • Picparazzi Flipbooks 
  • Dragon Fireworks 
  • Print Divas 
  • Printed Matter 
  • Blueshot Mobile Bar 
  • Margarush Events Beverage 
  • Wild Cocktails Mobile Bar Hosting 
  • Studio on Wheels 
  • NicePrint Photography 
  • Phrases n' Faces Digital Photography 
  • Wally Gonzales Photography 
  • LST Sound Mobile - Light and Sound Tech 
  • Sensitivity Lights and Sounds 

These suppliers are some of the best professionals in their respective industries, and with market knowledge and experience by Debut of Juan Carlo, nothing but the best!

With passion for great food, creativity, and grandiose setting, Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. has catered and serviced headline-worthy celebrities and high-profile events like...

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi Wedding

Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid Wedding

Andi Eigenmann's daughter Ellie's first birthday 

Juan Carlo The Caterer has been catering to the stars since Bong Revilla and Lani Mercado's wedding in 1998. They also catered to Kyla and Rich Alvarez's wedding, Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali wedding as well as Thirdy's birthday (Jodi Sta. Maria's son), and many more. 

With both formidable client portfolio and deep experience event management, it is no doubt that Juan Carlo The Caterer is well-known from 17 years of catering services, and counting. 

And of course, the night would not be complete without getting a taste of Juan Carlo The Caterer's best-served appetizers, main courses, and one of my favorites —desserts! :)

Finally met Lifestyle blogger Ria Hazel of SugarSmile

My plate of appetizers with Tahitian punch next to Ria's.

Watermelon, Feta and Black Olives.

The ever tempting Oyster Bar.

Thinly sliced and fresh Sashimi.

Other appetizers also include Pork Belly with Chili Caramel Sauce, Chicken Kebab in Tanlad Skewer, Rolled Omelette with Ebiko (I think I have these on my plate, haha!), Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Green Olives, Mushroom Ragout Tartlets, Asian-flavoured Crab Tartlets, Fish Pancetta and Rosemarry Spiedini with Lemon Aioli, Filo Tartlets with Spicy Cilantro Shrimp, Cucumber Cups with Thai Beef Salad, Money Bag, and Pineapple Green Olives and Quezo de Bola.

A must-try Chicken Breast in Piri-piri Sauce in one of the grilling stations.

It was a little hard for me to take photos because of the vapors, but Brent and I definitely loved this one Pork Tenderloin in Paprika Cream Sauce

This was one of the crowd's favorite Grilled Prawn in Lemon Butter Sauce. Too bad I'm allergic to it! :(

Salmon in Tequila Cream Sauce, Ox Tongue with Buttered Mushroom, Korean Pork Spareribs, Beef Kalderetang Batangas, Buttered Vegetables, and Steamed Fragrant Rice are one of the main courses as well as the pasta bar with Vongole Monte Cristo, Penne Alfredo, and Tagliatelle Puttanesca

The buffet selection of four long tables full of really good food was overwhelming I didn't even noticed the salad and pasta bar. But Brent went back into our table with these!

Tagliatelle Puttanesca 

Garden Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette 

And finally, the dessert paradise! :)

Chocolate Pop, Canonigo with Mango Balls, Chocolate Muffins, Mango-Kiwi Roulade, Eclairs, and Chocolate Fountain with Fruit Kebab and Mallows. 

One of the irresistibly delicious  Tropical Fruit Pavlova.

Coffee Magnifico, which I didn't get to taste because I was head-over-hills with Chocolate Fountain with Fruit Kebab and Mallows.

And these Pandan Panacotta too!

Funny how I was more excited to take these photos than actually wishing for a bigger appetite to eat all these. Truth be told, looking at all of these desserts make me feel like I was Punk'd by Willy Wonka... died and gone to dessert heaven! :)

For inquiries, contact (02) 929-3674 / (02)413-7511 or send an email to info@juancarlothecaterer.com

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  1. Great post, Yamito! I really like Julia Montes for being down-to-earth and for being of the best actresses of this generation. She is so versatile and a natural actress. It's nice that she's now endorsing Debut.

  2. all the foods looks so yummy love the oysters too!! also the video pinaiyak ako hahah i love all her photos specially when she was wearing th ered gown just stands out magically!

  3. i love the food. nagutom ako habang binabasa ko ito. i think their makis are the best. will consider this thing soon!

  4. There service offering is top of the line with their excellent list of clients and proven track record.

  5. Seems their the best in the catering business. How much naman kaya ang rate nila? BTW, Julia Montes, cute nya pala.

  6. These foods all look delicious, I’m feeling hungry now after looking at this! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Julia Montes is no doubt one of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry now. However I think she looks too mature for her age.

    1. The event looked fun and the food - oh that - looked all yummy! :) You're very fortunate to be there. :D

    2. Oh why I though you were there too, or maybe she looks like you lang. HAHA Though she's a bit seryoso kaya i was kinda shy to approach her. haha

    3. Wow haha I wish I was there. :P

  8. This girl will go places. Right now any brands that can identify with her must grab her because she got a lot of believers and it will help the brand

  9. Yum! This surely looks fun. :)

  10. Great set-up. Sarap tingnan ng mga food. I think there's no caterer like that here in Cebu. And oh, Julia Montes is so pretty. I envy her debut, I wish I had one like hers. :D

  11. Wow i want some of that pandan pana cotta

  12. Food presentation makes a big difference. This makes the common saying, that people eat with their eyes. Very well presented.

  13. Every debutante dreamed of having their own dream debut! And I'm blessed to have experienced it too but not as extravagant like this. Anyway, everything looks very perfect and even the food looks so yummy.

  14. Is Julia a celebrity? The celebrity caterer surely charges a lot of money so only those with money can afford their services. The debut looks awesome and made the debutante on top of the world.

  15. I think, Julia is the best person to represent these types of business. She's young, vibrant, etc. Same with the goal of this business.

  16. i was not able to celebrate my debu.. but if i were to celebrate it this would be a dream... on my wedding maybe haha :)

    jenny (FBW)

  17. You are sooooo lucky to be a part of that event! OMG Julia, she's so pretty! I wonder how costly that debut is!

  18. Had to miss this event, but it sure looks like it was a blast. The food all look so scrumptious and Julia Montes looks so pretty. Glad she's the new face of such an esteemed caterer :)

  19. your post is something a debutante needs as they plan their party. the foods made me crave. yay. i love them all.

  20. What can I say?
    Julia Montes is the perfect fit.

  21. Oh I've always wanted a grand debut. Sadly, my 18th has already passed :P

  22. Wow, ayan pala yung sinasabing event noon. Too bad I wasn't chosen. I want to try out their food...

  23. A pretty face perfect for that very elegant food and services. Every girl needs to see this because this is what most of them dreamed of.

  24. this post made me hungry! at kakalunch ko lang haha.

  25. Ang ganda naman ni julia montes... <3

  26. Grabe, nagutom oak sa food! Sana may part 2 ng Debut by Juan Carlo at ma-invite ako! =)

  27. Ang sarap nmn mga food... hahaha nawalan ako ng pake kay julia at gown niya sa sarap ng food! hahaha! --http://carlatayao.com/

  28. the food looks really yummy!!!


  29. Another thing for Debut by Juan Carlo. They offer a free debut worth P850,000. For information on how to get a chance to win, you may visit their Win a Free Debut Promo.

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