Revenge Wears Prada

It was a fine Sunday afternoon when my ex and I came home to a 4-bedroom unit we used to share and rent with friends in Makati. And there they were, Diz and Jay with scripts on hand imitating how Miranda and Emily deliver their lines from The Devil Wears Prada movie. And to be honest, it was riveting how Jay would mimic Miranda's classy and mean-ish voice.

If you're wondering where they got the full movie script, check it here:)

For many years now, I've watched The Devil Wears Prada countless times and I'm still loving it. The way Andy transformed herself from a boring writer-wanna-be to one of the most stylist girl in Runway magazine. And I can't help but wonder... would the next sequel be as appealing as it's first? 

After a decade since the first published The Devil Wears Prada in 2003 –a juicy roman à clef about her time working for Anna Wintour that spawned a hit movie in 2006 starring Anne Hathaway as the abused assistant Andy Sachs and Meryl Streep as the Wintour-esque Miranda Priestly, the devil is back! 

Author Lauren Weisberger launched her next book –Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada that hit the shelves and was release last June 4.

But rumor has it, the critics are not happy after reading the book. Take Sherryl Connelly of New York Daily News and I quote...

The story begins 10 years after Andrea said her f--- yous to Priestly and fled Paris. In that time, Andrea’s been dumped by boyfriend Alex, become best friends with Emily, started a new magazine and found love with Max, a gorgeous and decent rich guy who heads his own media empire. 
Inexplicably, she’s not happy. 
The hugely flawed contrivance for Andrea’s woe is a letter she finds in Max’s room on the day of their wedding. In that missive, her mother-in-law writes that Max deserves a better woman than Andrea, and lets drop that Max ran into his old girlfriend, Katherine, while he was in Bermuda for his bachelor party. 
Quite unbelievably, Andrea allows that small news to ruin not just her wedding day but her life.
Why is Andrea so upset, you ask? Well, Max had “conveniently forgotten to mention” that he had run into his ex. 
So this means what precisely? 
It should suggest nothing more than that Andrea even thinks in tired clichés. But she decides their life together is a lie. 
And in response, a reader sobs: “Oh, you tiresome twit! What is your problem? Max was so right not to tell you he saw Katherine. He had to know you’d react like a drama queen on a bender. And for no good reason. No reason at all.” 
Just as Andrea decides she’s going to leave Max — still without asking him about Katherine — she discovers she’s pregnant. So for the sake of the baby, she soldiers on in her marriage, while slyly entertaining thoughts of her old boyfriend, Alex. 
Oh, c’mon. 
Given that the novel’s premise just sucks, there’s not a lot to go on from there. Andrea and Emily have improbably become best friends and together started a luxury bridal magazine, The Plunge. Improbably again, it becomes such a newsstand hit that Miranda Priestly, still editor of Runway but now also editorial director of Elias-Clark, is intent on acquiring the magazine.
The bitch is back! Isn’t this the moment we’ve been waiting for? 
Still waiting. 
The Miranda who shows up for her few scenes in the story is sometimes kind of fun, but mostly she’s just amateurishly mean. Most telling is Andrea’s explanation to Max as to why Miranda is so horrible, terrible, awful. 
“If you’re late for lunch with Miranda Priestly, she’s not going to yell and scream and lecture you on courtesy and consideration. She’s merely going to order the exact moment she’s ready, whether you’ve arrived or not, and then she’s going to eat her lunch and leave. Does it matter to her if your kid was sick or your taxi was in an accident? ... Not for a moment. Because she doesn’t care about you at all.” 
That’s it? That’s all? A busy, powerful person acts like a busy, powerful person and we should all fear and loathe her for it? 
It happens sometimes that good characters happen to bad writers. Through no fault of her own, Weisberger is a pedestrian stylist and clumsy with plots. She simply does not have the skills to do justice to the fictional woman that Streep developed into an iconic figure. Nevermind Wintour’s contribution. 
Full disclosure: In a recent conversation with the author, I told her I liked “Revenge Wears Prada.” 
I lied politely only because the truth would have been as bad as the book.

Baffled as I am, I really hope the movie (in case there would be any after the mad reviews) would be given more fluffy-chic that we can devour in a movie weekend. 

Funny how some of us now would wish a different story to be seen in the movie than what we've read from the book. So what do you think? 

Order your copy of the Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns here!
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  1. The continuation of the Devil Wears Prada. This would surely be a best seller.

  2. I have watch the movie but havent read the book. Most of the time the book is better than the movie, but it looks like the would be movie is better than this book (just incase they will really make one).
    On the authors defense, people would like to read and would like it to be as they expect it. I don't really think that should be the case, after all she is the author she can manipulate it the way she want it. It's her story after all

  3. Whoa mayroon palang ganyan. I liked Devil Wears Prada both book and movie so this one must also be good. :)

  4. hindi ko napanood yung movie :( but i've heard interesting yung book. One this is for sure fashion and glam at its evillest form combine for outrageous fashion

  5. I got to watch Devil Wears Parada, but haven't read the book yet. And as interested as I am on the sequel, I think I'll just have to wait for the film if there'll be one -- hoping it would be an improved version of the book.. ^^

  6. Hmmm.. I've seen the movie and it was so good! But by the comments that I've read the 2nd book, I'm having second thoughts whether to watch or not. Anyway, let's just wait and see if it's good.

  7. From what you've said here it seems that story is quite interesting although I haven't watched nor read that story it intrigued me now to consider watching it.

  8. Anne Hattaway -- man, she's really lovely. And just like you, dozens times ko na atang napanood ang Devil's Wear Prada. The sequel, well, I don't care what the critics say, this book will be a bestseller.

  9. Haven't read the book nor watched the movie. Haha. But in my opinion, we shouldn't base our expectations on others' reviews. What's not good for them might be good for you. :) I still have a lot of books to read, I'll try to read the book1 & 2 one day. :)

  10. agree with you! if ever there would be a movie for this I would totally watch and have fun with it. i love to watch more reading hehe

  11. I am a bit confused with the comments because I think that from reading it, you didn't like the book but the others say you found it interesting - sorry, I am easily confused :D Please correct me if I am wrong :(

    I haven't read both books but loved the movie with Anne Hathaway and Merryl Streep - so, was the first book really that bad but the movie version was great? wow! That's excellent! I always find that movies can never do justice to the books (even in LOTR!) but if this one is then kudos to the screen writers!

    Thanks for the insight on this new book. Based on your review, I think I won't be buying the book. I might still buy it if it's discounted or read it if it's given to me free haha

  12. I can't remember how the movie ended. All I know is that Andy turned into a swan after all. Ever wondered how I could follow after her fashion sense. Anyways, glad to know there is a sequel.

  13. I have seen the movie many times but not read the book. I will surely wait for the next movie. i am not really into book reading so the movie version is my best option.

  14. I have watched the movie The Devil wears Prada, it is because I like Anne Hathaway. But just like the others here I haven't read the book. I hope there will be a movie version of this book revenge wears Prada.

  15. haven't read the book yet but it's so exciting.. can't wait to read it plus this sequel.. hope they create the movie version soon! :)

  16. I have not watched the movie yet nor read the book. I think "fashion" and "evil" look fierce together. =)

  17. Wow! You still remember that little skit we had... Haha! Diz


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