From Residence Inn to Paradizoo

Truth be told, my idea of a great family time and relaxation is to spend hours at the spa, then go to the movies or a weekend on a fancy hotel with room service and a sumptuous buffet for breakfast.

Not every weekend but once in a while we do need our fix to have a good time, relax and have fun.

But weeks ago, Zoomanity Group offered the Laguna Blogging Summit (2LaBS) team a tour in two of their most well-managed properties—the Residence Inn Tagaytay and Paradizoo Theme Farm to experience first hand what a great weekend with nature and breathtaking views is all about. That said, who are we to say no to the very generous Robert Laurel Yupangco. :)

So around 7AM, we all met up at Starbucks G.A. Yupangco Building where we were fetched by a shuttle provided by the Zoomanity Group.

And here we are, all settled in the shuttle and off to Tagaytay.

Front left to back: Alex Nicolas, Grace Nicolas, Jenny Acsay and son; (back seat) Raffy Potestad and ME; Front right to back: Mac Vasquez's nieces, Dianne Salonga and son, Mark Acsay and Ivan Saldajeno

It was a fine and sunny day when we arrived at the Residence Inn Tagaytay, after an hour travel via SLEX which I didn't really noticed because I was to busy chatting with Mark and Ivan. Haha!

Henry and Angela were our team's tour guides.

On the reception area, we were graced by an Albino chameleon.

Oh why I don't know where to get the courage to but I chose not to have a photo with it no matter how behave and friendly it actually was with everyone. Don't hate me, I'm just scared! Haha!

And as we enter the hall, we were passing through huge aquariums full of exotic aquatic animals...
and korean kids taking photos! Hehe

And a hall full of all kinds of spiders and scorpions!

So yes, imagine my control of fright while I stare on each and every one of them.
I left the hall really pale! 

At the animal house, there was quite a show!

The kid inside me was flown to happy land!

 HUGE, I know! 

And during the show, a small chameleon was announced to have been lost. But as all the crew searched our seats, it was found on the lap of this dude...

Apparently, it was just a part of the act but freaked everyone out and I almost ate my heart to death.
In the end, everyone laughed on it and obviously enjoyed the show.
It was very entertaining and fun! :)

We then proceed to the birds...

Oh why hello there! :)

And from not-so-friendly monkeys...

to towering ostrich...

to tamed tigers...

and friendly lions.

We also tried the Zing (Swing) ride while enjoying the fantastic view of Taal Lake, and the Zip Line!

We headed next to Paradizoo Theme Farm, which is said to have been featured a number of times on different television shows.

I must say that this place is very grandeur for intimate weddings!

And upon entering, I can't help but notice these small pots of Ashitaba—world renowned in herbal medicine and is referred to as The Miracle Plant—that are being sold for P100 per pot. Definitely a good deal than those being sold on

We were all given these welcome drinks—iced herbal Tanlad juice, which is by the way the most delisssh tea I have ever tasted! :)

And we were graced by Paradizoo Theme Farm Operations Manager Marlina Taparo.

Front left to right: Mac Vasquez, Angela, Dianne Salonga, Grace Nicolas, Paradizoo Operations Manager Marlina Taparo, Mac's niece, De La Salle Bloggers Club adviser Rhodora Espiritu, Ivan Saldejeno; Back left to right: Mark Acsay, Raffy Potestad, ME

We started the tour with a view of the most common farm animals 
and a little demo on how to milk a doe (female goat). :)

Then we proceed to view the plantation and botanical garden.

And to my delight, I finally met the famed five-legged cow! :)

We were also lucky to have witness the honey-bee harvest session with an intern from one of the farm's veterinarians.

It was a day full of nature-loving fun and activities.
But most importantly realizing that sometimes, we all need something that would offer us additional knowledge of these God-given creatures and how to very well take of them as one way of a healthy escape from the very busy lifestyle we have in the city.

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  1. I think you have a blast with this nature tour especially that there are so many species you encountered.

  2. Nasa Tagaytay ako nung birthday ko, sayang di ako nakapunta sa Paradizoo mukang masaya. Maybe next year try ko. :)

  3. Paradizoo looks like a fun place to meet different kinds of animals especially with family and kids in tow. Looks like your group had loads of fun too.
    -Wanderer Juan

  4. Wah this weekend spells FUN! Venturing out together with a big group of family makes it extra special for sure. :)

  5. I was able to visit both places and even had a picture of both a baby tiger and a grown tiger in Residence Inn.

  6. I can't believe I have never been to paradizoo and I am an animal lover.

  7. Your photos of the birds were great! Next time I practice driving I just might go to Paradizoo. :)

  8. whoah may ganito pa palang kagandang lugar near Metro Manila, makapunta nga dito next time. thought it was all about "urbanite" lol. Im much more interested with the chameleon than those snakes. O.O

  9. The snakes... :D My lola used to prepare tanglad tea and I agree that it is delicious. Paradizoo will be my next list to go to when we visit tagaytay.

  10. Kinda scared of animals myself but I would love to bring my children here.

  11. Paradizoo got all the things in one place, for sure parents with kids in tow will enjoy when spending time over this place.

  12. I guess you had a great time visiting and enjoying those places, I hope we can visit those when we go to Tagaytay.

  13. It looks like Crocodile Park or Eden Garden here in Davao City. Love to be with nature.

  14. What is this Tanlad Tea? We have tanglad in our place. It is grown abundantly here. I am interested to make a tea of it here too. How is it done?

  15. Waaah honestly this gave me goosebumps because I'm afraid of birds. at first I thought, "oh i should go here since it's just less than an hour travel from my place", but the birds photos scared me :O

  16. omg I love snakes! They look so sexy, don't you think? I won't dare to touch it though, a stare to this beautiful creature is more than enough. Haha =)

  17. Sayang, how I wish to be there with you. Sure you have a great Nature tour bro.

  18. I haven't visited Residence Inn and Paradizoo yet, might schedule a trip soon.

  19. Wow! Looks like the trip went well. I want to see honey-bee harvest upclose and personal! Hehe

  20. You have a very interesting trip! Good to know that zoo has still variety of animals to watch, unlike some other zoos I visited.


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