Art + Video Tech Exhibit at SM Mall of Asia and SM Aura Premier

If you're thrilled as I am on exploring new technology for contemporary art and how animation in our country is going huge these days, then it's time you visit SM Mall of Asia (until October 2) and SM Aura Premier (October 8-14) as Metropolitan Museum of Manila in partnership with Samsung Philippines, SM Supermalls, and Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. present Art + Video Tech Exhibit

And oh! Did I mention that this is open to public and a free exhibit at that? :)

On the emergence of technology as a popular art medium used by artists both locally and internationally, MET Museum of Manila on its first off-site exhibit this year brings the public closer to the museum to indulge in the collections that features museum programs as a way of raising public awareness and appreciation for the culture and the arts. 

Guests and art enthusiasts were graced by MET Museum of Manila Director Sandra Palomar-Quan and Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. President Benjamin Marasigan during the Art + Video Tech Exhibit opening at SM Mall of Asia.

Sandra Palomar-Quan, Director, MET Museum of Manila. 

 Benjamin Marasigan, President, Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. 

This exhibit includes the works of leading Filipino artists who made use of the technological advancement and used it as their art form and content, featuring Ramon Estella, Eric de Guia (Kidlat Tahimik), Peque Gallaga, Louie Cordero, and Johnny and Miguel Alcazaren (the Alcazaren Brothers). 

Positive Negative by Louie Cordero 

Amniotic by Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio-Despi 

Babel by Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio-Despi 

Music for the Impaired by Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio-Despi 

The exhibit will also feature works of contemporary artists such as Victor Balanon, VJ Villafranca, Diokno Pasilan, Cocoy Lumbao, and so on. 

And on behalf of the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc., the exhibit will feature a selection of videos from Animahenasyon, a Philippine Animation Festival.

Where’s Francis? by David Griggs

Mystery of the 24th by Julian Santiago 

Index (Elevated Train: Three Stations) by Cocoy Lumbao 

Celestial Motors by Maria Taniguchi

The earliest form of video art was used during the 1950’s to the 1960’s internationally and before it was recognized and experimented on in the local scene. Yet art evolves as society and cultures continue to grow, and parallel this, technology only becomes more advanced and conveniently accessed by the public. 

Artists now have an easier opportunity in communicating with the audience with the use of video art. Day-to-day films in Filipino and English convey a message with the use of storytelling, but video art breaks down that rule and uses itself as a medium, becoming a moving artwork itself, deprived of structure, but full of meaning. With the use of art and technology, the electronic media is able to reflect a new wave of thinking, perception, and attitude that can influence and change people’s lives all over the world. 

Inviting both young and old minds to understand the works of art animation in the Philippine industry, there will also be a series of FREE Animation Workshops and Lectures:
APCI Lecture Workshops: The Animation Industry in the Philippines
by Nelson Caliguia, Jr. and Ramon del Prado
3PM Sunday, September 29 at the Mall Atrium, SM Mall of Asia 
Animation Workshop 
by Alcazaren Brothers Animation
3-6PM Sunday, October 13 at the Mall Atrium, SM Aura Premier 
The workshop is available for beginners, budding animators, hobbyists, and is not only limited to professionals to enjoy the hands-on and lecture series of this exhibit. 

For questions and inquiries, contact (+632) 708-7829 or send an email to


  1. I've check this exhibit at SM MOA about I was surprised with some of the exhibit displayed. I love particularly the Music for the Impared and Babel. Hope to visit their exhibit at SM Aura next week

  2. I would be very much happy if I'll be able to go to an exhibit like this. It's just sad that we're too far away from the area. Nice to know that entrance is free. I guess people who'll get the chance to go would enjoy a lot.

  3. Thanks for posting Sir. Definitely, I will visit this exhibit.

  4. The artwoks are really great. I like the amniotic. It makes you think.

  5. lovely artworks.. will surely visit the exhibit if its just near my base

  6. Babel work of art looks interesting. Where's Francis looks creepy but still, artistic.

  7. This exhibit is definitely a sight for sore eyes! And from the Filipino artists that you were able to mention, I was only able to personally meet Kidlat Tahimik (met him 2 years ago when I attended the Jeonju International Film Festival in Korea). He was such a vibrant soul. Hopefully, I get to meet him again next weekend, as I'm a big fan of his distinct work. Anyhow, if there'll be time, I would love to drop-by SM Aura and check this firsthand. :)

  8. The Babel is exceptional. Whoever made such must be given recognition. The efforts he placed in coming up with a wonderful art deserves great appreciation!

  9. I think this exhibit is very interesting especially the Babel. I wish to visit them and see more exceptional talents.


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