Katy Perry, Taal and Casa Alegria Tagaytay!

Days after Katy Perry's music video for her latest single—Roar was released, almost everyone in social media and online community reacted.

Take a look at the screen-grab photos of Katy Perry' music video uploaded on YouTube.

And this photo with the view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

Well? :)

Your guess is as good as mine.
Katy Perry may not have visited Tagaytay to shoot the music video, and presumably may have only used a shot of it on a green screen inside a studio but we can't deny the fact that the team behind the music video were delighted of how wonderful the view of Taal Lake and Volcano is.

That said, there's a humble place we've discovered in Tagaytay (after our trip from Residence Inn to Paradizoo) that I'd like to introduce—Casa Alegria!

After a long day spent, we stayed at Casa Alegria for a night.
And believe me, seeing this breathtaking view will definitely take any worries you have in mind.

While Raffy and Dianne were enjoying the view and scouting out on what to eat for dinner, I went ahead and checked the rooms.

Here's the not too shabby and comfy bed.

Bathrooms the way we like it—clean and simple.
The shower room is separated from the loo.

(Please excuse my poor photo skills on this one. I was using Raffy's phone while I charge mine.)

And most importantly, a functioning shower heater!

Let’s not forget this cute wash basin/sink.

And this huge kitchen where you can prepare the food if you feel like it.

As you can see, the owner really want for you to "feel at home".

And for the rest of you whose really into viewing the beautiful Taal Lake and Volcano,
there's always this terrace.

And this ceiling-to-floor glass wall across the bed.

Option rooms for team building are available too, good for 6 people per room.
And an activity area for dining or boozing.

Room Rates (includes sumptuous breakfast):

Weekdays - P2,500
Weekends - P3,500

Events area only (4 hours) - P4,000 and P1,000 per succeeding hour.

General amenities:

  • Smoking area
  • 24-hour room and amenities' assistance
  • Free car parking

Casa Alegria Condotel is located along Ligaya Drive, Tagaytay City. (Landmark: Manggahan)

For inquiries and reservations, contact (+63) 929-261-9840 / (+63) 927-591-9196 / (+63) 929-334-3430
or send an email to outdoorman@mac.com / alegria.tagaytay@gmail.com


  1. Casa Alegria looks really scenic and their price are also affordable.

    1. True! It is also a great place if you feel like disconnecting from the noise and busy life in the city and just relax. :)

  2. I also heard the news about Katy Perry's use of Taal Volcano for her video. I've been to Tagaytay a couple of times and I really appreciate the view of the lake and the volcano. That hotel looks like a great place to stay in.
    -Wanderer Juan

  3. You are right, it looks like it was shoot on a green screen. Wish one day we can visit Taal in out future travel.

  4. I am yet to see the video but I'll check that out later. That's a really cute sink. ^___^

  5. I always wanted to have a staycation in tagaytay... well toxic work from monday to sunday,,, ahaha,,, and this one with a good view of taal volcano seems a perfect getaway...

    and about that katty perry... weather she came here or not the thing is taal will be featured in her video ;)

    - www.lonelytravelogue.com

  6. Casa Alegria seems a perfect place for our second honeymoon. Nice view of the famous volcano.

  7. Not bad at all! I'm actually looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay for November, as my beau's friend is getting married in Sonya's Garden. Would you know how far Casa Alegria is? By the way, I love Katy Perry's latest hit!

  8. The place is so inviting and I hope to visit the place someday. Though I just passed the Taal but I don't have time to stop and wander the place.

  9. No probs kahit sa green screen effect lng kinunan- the fact na sa Pinas yan- we should be proud :) Oi thanks sa recommendation- will check the place once na nag-Tagaytay kami

  10. Philippines has so many things to be proud of. #1 na dun ay ang magagandang places. It's nice to know that other countries notice it too. ;)

    Casa Alegria seems like a nice place to stay. Kitang kita na ang Taal. ;)

  11. Katy Perry can really roar and is very pretty here.

  12. the pricing of casa alegria is really budget friendly and i do like it

  13. Nice segway, I thought Casa Alegria was also included in Katy Perrry's video. May I just ask how much is the rate for Family Room.

  14. Niceee. I didn't know about the new song of Katy Perry :D The taal lake view is really amazing. Been seen it a couple of times already. Casa alegria seems okay to stay in. It's complete with the basic stuff.

  15. I think Taal really fits the backdrop for Katy Parry's music video! Nice hotel, btw :)

  16. i heard of that viral photo sa TV Patrol. Oh gosh, she looks prettier with our Taal Volcano on its backdrop.

  17. I have heard from a lot of people who happened to visit Tagaytay. They were amazed of the wonderful scenic view, especially of the Taal lake.

  18. I heard about Katy's music video but never saw it. Thanks for sharing! Plus I really want to go to Tagaytay, I've heard a lot of good feed backs and can't wait to visit this place someday!

  19. I had the same guess - it may be only Katy Perry's team that visited and took a shot of our Taal Volcano. She frequented visiting the Philippines but she's mostly busy here.

    The Taal Alegria resort looked super nice and comfortable to rest for a weekend vacation. :D


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