Volkswagen Philippines: The World’s Best-loved Car Brand is coming back to town! (Part 1)

That's right! The iconic car brand that was once ruled the streets of Metro Manila, and probably still does in some places in the country, is having a come back and boy, they're launching it BIGTIME—because you might get a chance to win and be the first official owner of a 21st Century Beetle!

But before I give you the mechanics,
let me walk you through on what Volkswagen can greatly offer you.

The beginning of a new era: Modular Transverse Matrix platform (MQB)

In the last few years, Volkswagen has been preparing for this moment. 
A thousand engineers at Volkswagen and many thousands more engineers at the suppliers have been involved in one of the biggest development initiatives in the creation of the matrix platform system, which is intended to secure the future of the Volkswagen Group and will be used in every segment from the Polo to the Passat. 

Everything has been optimized in recent years with an eye to the aspects which matter for the customer and for society, today and in the future: efficiency, safety, comfort, convenience, design and driving pleasure.

Design and package benefit.

The forward relocation of the front wheels results in especially balanced proportions in the design, plus the optimized use of space for the vehicle's occupants: in other words, the package. 

In contrast to the platform concept, a modular matrix principle opens up much more scope for the design of all sorts of vehicles, including emotional niche models—thanks to variable wheelbases or track widths, for example.

Lower fuel consumption and less pollution.

With the entirely redeveloped engine families, consistently trimmed for lower CO2 figures with start-stop recuperation systems as standard, the global innovation of active cylinder management in four-cylinder engines, EU-6 certification and a CNG option, emissions are significantly reduced. 

Several million new customers will benefit in the final development of the MQB. The MQB will reduce CO2 emissions by more than a million tonnes per year. And if you want emissions-free motoring, you can get it from 2013 with a purely or largely (plug-in hybrid) electrically powered Blue-e-motion model.

Reversal of the weight spiral.

On an intelligent mix of materials and ultra-modern construction principles, the MQB will also lead to a reversal of the weight spiral.

More driving pleasure, lower fuel consumption.

More safety and comfort.

The modular matrix principle makes possible around 20 innovations in the areas of safety, driver assistance and infotainment which were previously reserved for the higher vehicle segments. This is not only a positive development for new customers but is also of benefit to other road users.

The high number of vehicles based on the MQB means that we can expect a significant reduction in the number of secondary collisions in real traffic situations. Along with the new active safety systems, the MQB increases passive safety in all models thanks to an improved impact-absorbing structure.

More versatile infotainment options.

The modular matrix principle has also been translated for all the info-tainment systems. This provides the driver with access to functions which until now have only been familiar from higher vehicle classes, if at all.

Vehicles can be equipped with a touchscreen which, thanks to an innovative surface, enables intuitive and safe use of the controls even while driving. This is made possible by a proximity sensor system especially developed for Volkswagen—with the look and feel of leading smartphones and tablet PCs.

Sights firmly set on sustainability.

The modular matrix principle makes the latest sustainable technologies accessible even to new car buyers in emerging markets. Above all, a genuine positive effect for society is achieved by means of innovations that make road transport safer for all road users around the world, and developments which reduce air pollution in every market. 

The high flexibility of intelligent modular systems makes the implementation of regional requirements more feasible.

Exploiting synergies for the present and for the future.

All these aspects help to secure the success of the Group from both economic and ecological perspectives. As a result of the high number of vehicles and customers that will benefit, as well as suppliers to the Volkswagen Group in Europe and worldwide, they also represent a contribution to meeting the social challenges of the present and of the future.

That said, Automobile Center Enterprises Inc. (ACEI), the local distributor of Volkswagen products under the auspices of the Ayala Group of Companies, will officially launch Volkswagen Philippines on September 27 and will be open to public viewing on September 28-29 at Greenbelt Park, Makati City. 

Get a chance to win and be the first official owner of a 21st Century Beetle! 

Here's how:

1) Go to and register your name, birthdate, address, email address and mobile number.​

2) ​You’ll receive an email confirmation that contains an exhibit map of the Greenbelt Park display, a participant’s guide on next steps, and a questionnaire and answer sheet.

3) Print out the email confirmation and present it to the registration counter located in Ayala Museum for barcode tagging.

NOTE: Tagging must be done before your journey/activity starts through the exhibit areas. The exhibit will be open from 10 AM of September 28 to 10 PM of September 29.

4) Find all the answers to the 7 trivia questions on the email confirmation by visiting the different parts of the exhibit:
a) Heritage/History Area
b) Brand Video Area
c) Car Displays
d) Volkswagen Plaza
e) Racing Pavilion
f) Innovation Area
g) various entertainment area. 
5) Take your completed trivia sheet back to the registration counter for verification and second tagging to earn you one raffle entry.

NOTE: Contest registration will run until 5 PM of September 29, 2013. You can submit your entry from 10 AM on September 28 until 6 PM on September 29, and the winner will be announced at 8PM at the Greenbelt 3 grounds. 

The winner will be notified via registered mail and will also be pubslished on a newspaper of general circulation.

For more details about the contest mechanics, click here.

World-renowned as the "People's Car", Volkswagen Philippines will introduce its first four car models on the grand launch and public viewing, which I will be writing about, along with the initial SRPs on the Part 2 of this post. 

So make sure to check back! :) 


  1. napaka generous naman nila to sponsor a giveaway like this.. pero mukhang mahirap din ang mechanics hahaha

    1. Not really. The answers to the trivia questions can be found on VW cars exhibit within the Greenbelt Park. But of course, all entries will be raffled. So, goodluck to all of us! hahaha

  2. I still like the old version of the Volks Wagon. The beetle was just a class on its own. I hope they recreate it.

  3. I want this car so bad!!! Unfortunately i can't register to join the contest as I already have schedules until october 3. sigh!

  4. wow! what a prize.. who ever wins this will surely end the year luckily!

  5. Amazing. The beetle is now more refined and has more modern features. Love it.

  6. Our first family car is a Beetle... and it's still with us today. LOL .. my father loves it!

  7. I wanna win! Grabe ang ganda na ng new Beetle! I looks so sporty that it resembles the look of a Porsche Cayman!

    1. Ay grabe lang! haha you have no idea kung gaano ako kinilig when i saw all the cars during the grand launch. Will be posting it all here soon! :)

    2. omg can't wait to read the post! I've always been a fan of this Euro car! :)

  8. Herbie has just hit the 21st century!! Not my cup of tea though. My family has grown to the point that we won't fit.

    1. Well, I'm happy to let you know that the Beetle is not the only new car units that are available. I will be posting soon the car options that will definitely fit your and your family needs. :)

  9. Cool! I love its new features, I wish to own and drive home that car!

    1. Join na the Win A Car promo. Malay mo no! hehehe

  10. Wow! What a great opportunity for all VW fanatics to join this contest! :) The prize is eye-candy.

  11. The Beetle is the ultimate iconic car of this century. Still unmatched, well all according to me though:)

  12. I love volkswagen but I hope hindi madali masira though it has new features (hightechs). :)

  13. This was shown during our Trivia Night here in Davao and I had no clue that it was actually Volkswagen!
    It looks better and I like the choice of color! :D

  14. Geez, that's an awesome prize! I'll try my luck :))

  15. I have always seen the Volkswagen Beetle as a reliable car even with its peculiar shape. It has certainly been reinvented by its makers.

  16. I m about to join as I am a fan of Volkswagen, but when it says you have to present it to the counter at Ayala, I was like, siiighhhhh... I wish I could just fly in an instant. Good luck to the participants. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  17. omg! this car model is just too cute to be true! i would love to own one someday! though i really prefer trucks or jeepneys hehe. but this is so chic though!

  18. aww! it was already too late to join.. anyways, I really like the innovation done by Volkswagen but I still prefer the classic design..

  19. I knew it! it was Volkswagen! Kasi may event ata sila sa may Makati nung tuesday tapos ang daming tao lang and ganda pa ng stage design. :)

  20. Wow! great prize to win. Si Pendong bagong faclift na pala. LOL

  21. Good luck to all those who joined! Whoever will get this great item must consider himself not just lucky but truly blessed.

  22. OM! Wa-wow! I'll tell my friend to join here! He loves car like these! Thanks for sharing!


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