BPI Ka-Negosyo: The Road To Entrepreneurial Success

A wise man once said, "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out for them." In order to spark our creativity and motivate us to put our ideas into actions, we need something that will inspire us to greatness.

But in a challenging world of business where great talents and ideas are abundant but with less capital and resources, I couldn't help but wonder, to where should entrepreneurs take the leap?

Watching a few YouTube videos, I stumbled upon something that might give you a great deal of insightful, informative, and inspiring business realization.


BPI Nego Series is a collection of inspiring stories of how featured entrepreneurs were able to proceed from just planning and dreaming to actually doing and realizing their goals to finally starting or franchising their own business.

That said, BPI Ka-Negosyo loans helps business owners achieve their goals, and more importantly dedicated to provide assistance to entrepreneurs who are just starting up or working on expanding their business in the easiest way possible.

Like the featured entrepreneur in the video—Leslie Matta, having the passion, the best ideas, and business strategies are sometimes not enough. We need to best work things out with the right people and institutions we can trust.

With BPI Ka-Negosyo, we may choose the loan packages that best fit our business needs: may it be for a short-term financing, franchise, or long-term financing, with each loan can be carefully customized.

The term loans can be matched according to your business and cash flow, whether it’s about expansion, refinancing or just purchasing new equipment. Go easy-breezy like having checking accounts with credit lines—which means you will have a ready cash funds whenever you need it.

BPI Ka-Negosyo loans have customizable solutions for every entrepreneurs of what's best for their business, not to mention they have the best people to deal with—I've been with BPI since I started my savings account so yes, TRIED AND TESTED! :)

For more inspiring and informative business success stories,
watch it through BPI Nego Series.

So whether you're looking and planning for a franchise or you have the passion and the best ideas to start a business, well then START NOW and don't lose out on the opportunity to put your goals, dreams, and desire into a reality.

To learn more and apply for a loan today, 


  1. Entrepreneurial characters really is a must to every young businessmen and businesswomen of our country. BPI could provide them the necessary help to elevate their dreams.

    1. Not to mention, BPI Ka-Negosyo loans has flexible financing terms they can customize for their business needs. :)

  2. I really think that entrereneurship is the way to go,specially for the youth. This is what will keep our economy moving forward. And BPI is among the leaders of the pack when it comes to support for entrepreneurs.

  3. We are in the process of looking for a loan for a new start up business I am so glad that I found this will definitely look into this and this will help us a lot

  4. kudos to BPI for offering this kind of product.. I am sure a lot of Filipino entrepreneurs will benefit from this.

  5. BPI continues its support for Filipino entrepreneurs by coming up with innovative products that fit the needs of small businesses. This is a great way to encourage entrepreneurship in the country.

  6. This is great for those starting s business and I am glad BPI thought of this. Very helpful to first time entrepreneurs out there :D

  7. Truly, it's a must to have your own business most esp here in the Phils. Nice to know that BPI is taking initiative in this matter :) Thumb up! :D

  8. Good thing you posted something like this. I've been wanting to own my very own business but my funds are short. I hope if I apply a loan at BPI they will approve it.

  9. I have two savings account on BPI and I do have plans to apply for a loan at BPI. Love their services.

  10. BPI's Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan is good for more Filipinos to be encouraged to start establishing their own business rather than forever waiting to be hired by companies - those HR who don't even reply for regret letters at all. Helping small-business owners start and expand a franchise business will be a great lift.

  11. I do appreciate banks extending financial assistance or loan to small-scale industries to augment their financial needs. BPI Ka-Negosyo is one of these. I could testify how banks really help those SMIs for I have been working in a Rural Bank in our place for 5 years sometime in 1975.

  12. My first bank of choice is BPI.
    I find this Ka-Negosyo inspiring to have my own business when I come home from Saudi Arabia.

  13. I want to start my own business as well. It is a good thing there is such thing as this.

  14. This is really helpful to every Pinoy wanting to start their own business. I might actually need BPI's help in the near future when I start up my own biz too.


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