Exception Music Festival 2013—PLUR!

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. With 2013 ending and the holiday season upon us, what makes for a memorable Philippines' first, biggest and grandest outdoor music festival is the sum of all the amazing people in the crowd, the best music, and most importantly, the endless excitement on every beat dropped and the no-stopping-the-fun experiences.

Last December 14, almost everyone—club kids and EDM enthusiasts among others—stylishly gathered at the Circuit Event Grounds, Makati City to celebrate a day of great music and good cause (for the Super Typhoon Yolanda victims) at the Exception Music Festival 2013.

Co-presented by Smart Music and SPINNR, BIGFISH International did a really good job on setting up Cicuit and turning it into a huge outdoor dance event of the year with the best artists line-up headlining Krewella, Arty, Dubvision, Jes, Ashley Wallbridge, SolarStone, Artic Moon, Estiva, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and many more!

I came with the three J's: Janus, Joshy, and Janese. Getting in the area with long lines in the entrance, bumping into familiar faces and friendly smiles definitely gets the excitement grow more.

Of course, the EDM diva—Jason Tomas was there. :)

Spotted were Elmo and Frank Magalona.

Andre Chang

Joshua Bugay, Lia Ginzalez, Alyssa Laureola

Quennie Villar, Inna Penales, Enzo Sarmiento

And StyleBible.ph photos by Bea Puertollano

Netherlands-based dj duo, DubVision warms up the crowd at the main stage,

While Werwolvz on the EMF Radio stage,

And SolarStone on the TranceMission stage.

The rain started pouring but that didn't stop the crowd
and more people running towards the main stage as Arty heated the set.

But the crowd went wild when Krewella finally took the main stage.

Dancing while raining and still raving.
And almost everyone was singing along.

Don't believe me? WATCH! :)

Please excuse the not-so-good audio for my camera was a little soaking wet. 

It was one of the best moments of EMF2013!

And then, there's the fireworks!

If a music festival made it to your “This-Year-To-Do-List” and you missed the Exception Music Festival 2013, then it only means you missed a HUGE part of your EDM and party experience. :)

But if you were there too, I hope you had fun as much as I did.
That said, let me leave you with this last video. :)


  1. This event looks fun to be part with! Andami lang ng tao pero I'm okay if nasa likod lang and just listen to the songs. :D

  2. People were singing and dancing despite the rain, that just says how the party was so much fun.

  3. Wow! seems everybofy have a great fun. Sulit ang bayad.

  4. enjoyed the videos!! indeed it is a very nice experience and so much fun when you're partying in the rain! it doesnt happen that much in a party seen! im sure this is very memorable!

  5. Truly a city nightlife with lots of singing and other party activities. Hope the attendees enjoyed their time.

  6. It's been a while since I've been to parties, I don't miss it but I have to admit they're fun. Nice videos! :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  7. Wow this is great music festival ever I knew for its non-stopping music experience for those who were in the group.

  8. Music and fireworks are such a great combination for an event. But maybe when the rain pours, it's really better off to put out your camera and just have fun. :)

  9. Such a great music event and if I had known this, I would have come! Hope more events like this comes this 2014 :D

  10. Na mi-miss ko na pumunta sa mga ganitong events, hehe naalala ko yung first time nating magkita is nung BIGFISH MANILA pa nun, napaka bata ko pa nun "totoy levels" hahaha :))

  11. Ohhh seems so much fun. I haven't experienced attending any events like this, because at my age, I still have curfew -_- However, this is a great way to end 2013 :)

  12. Really looks like a fun event. A great way to end the year. Awesome!

  13. A great way to celebrate music with high spirit.


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