Holiday Gift Guide #1: Shop At National Book Store!

With the holiday just around the corner, some of us can't exactly afford to spend enough time to visit every corners and boutiques inside the malls to look for a perfect gift for our loved ones.

That said, why not go to one place that has almost everything you could buy for your loved ones' delight to something very useful to them—National Book Store!

1) Travel Item Designs by Leonard Executive and Wonderland

NBS Design by Leonard Executive and Wonderland Travel

From foldable bags, wallets, organizers, bag tags, passport holders to neck pillows, gifting these someone who loves to travel will definitely fit with prices values from P299 to P999.

2) Get Rajo-fied

Go for a line of stylish things at affordable prices with the country's premier designer Rajo Laurel's collaboration with National Book Store earlier this year.

NBS Rajo Pens

Rajo Pen

NBS Rajo Pens 2

Rajo iPhone cases

Rajo iPhone 5 Cases

NBS Get Rajofied

Rajo Passport Holder and Luggage Tag
Available in squiggle and gold for P499 (per set) 

Rajo Mugs

Rajo Mug (also available in gold)
PHP 249

NBS Get Rajofied iPad and iPad Mini Pouches

Rajo iPad and iPad Mini Pouches.
Available in squiggle for P249 (iPad Mini) and P349 (iPad)

Rajo Tote Bag Squiggle NBS

Rajo Tote Bag Squiggle

From metallics and squiggle designs from Rajo Laurel's 2013 gala show as inspirations,
get these collectible items that are perfect holiday gifts.

3) Britto Landscape Merchandise

NBS Britto Landscape Merchandise

Feel young and get hip with these vibrant landscape Britto's merchandise from backpack, notebooks, minipad to pouch with prices available from P315 to P3,000.

4) Collection Sets

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer White Collection Boxed Set

If someone you know isn't over with the Twilight Saga movies, then it's time they enjoy the full experience by gifting them the White Collection Boxed Set of Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, available for P2,395.

NBS Twilight Saga White Collection set

This gorgeous gift set includes paperback editions of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner with exclusive white covers, making it the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling series.

Interior Inspiration Books

NBS Interior Inspirations

Get the latest home and commercial interior design and inspirations from Remodelista (P1,649), House Beautiful Color (P1,465), Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass (P2,335), Detailed Interior (P2,375), and Sustainable Asian House (P1,495) .

Kiddie Learning Series

NBS Kids Learning Series

Make sure your kids or inaanak's (godchildren) enjoy a learning series that will definitely put a smile on faces starting with Disney Sofia (P479), Disney Minnie (P469) to My Little Pony Stuck on Stories (P479), Thomas and Friends (P479), and Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (P479).

Kiddie Adventures Series

NBS Kiddie Adverture Series

Make your kids' imagination go creative and above and beyond with The Smurfs (P479), My Little Pony (P479), Disney Cars (P479), Disney Minnie (P479), Dreamworks' Turbo (P479), and DC Super Friends' (P479) My Busy Books collection set .

5) Moleskine Daily 2014 Planner

Moleskine Daily  Diary Planner


Available on Daily and Weekly to view on one page and full ruled page for notes, custom interior, limited edition stickers and address book, gifting these Moleskine 2014 Planner fits young professionals to executives giving a splash of sci-fi vibe of Star Wars acid-free-paper 2014 planner, priced from P1,179 to P1,590.

National Book Store, the country’s largest bookstore chain, has so much more to offer especially in this time of year where buyers not only need to shop but also need their gifts wrapped! :) 

For Metro Manila and provincial branch directory, click here.


  1. The pen strike my attention. I needed one, siguro mgandang gift for my son.

  2. Stylish and colorful items for Christmas season especially the pens from Rajo. Hoping that somebody will give a present like this...yayyy

  3. Thanks for giving me an idea! I will go to NBS later to buy the writing set for my baby cousins. It will foster learning for them!

  4. thanks for the suggestions I love the Rajo Laurel collection for National Bookstore nothing says elegant like a Rajo Laurel collection as a gift
    leira from FBW

  5. oohh!! been eyeing on that Rajo Collection ever since it was released.. too bad it's very pricey.. :(

  6. Ah, if only I have the means I will definitely buy any of those Interior Inspiration Books.

  7. Ohhh I want the Gold Rajo Passport holder. Thanks for the list, I honestly haven't shopped yet, will do my gift shopping later palang :D


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