PHILTEQ Launches New Digital Lifestyle Gadget Accessories

In the modern world of interwebs, smartphones and phablets, what better way to enjoy these gadgets than having quality accessories that actually last than the usual and for a reasonable price.

"We want to bring into the Philippine market only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own... and we can sure promise you quality," said Francis Karamihan, Product Manager for Digital Lifestyle Gadgets as PHILTEQ Enterprises, Inc. officially launches four new product lines at E's Bar, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City.

Dubbed as the Digital Lifestyle Gadgets, the four new sub-segments from PHILTEQ are Cannice Bluetooth Series, DOSS, Powerocks Powerbanks, and Hoomia Stereo Headphones.

With its bluetooth audio solutions to match the particular taste of the modern digital consumers, Cannice Bluetooth Series highlights sophistication and function through its bluetooth series for music and calls.

Music enthusiasts can take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technology and up to 30 hours of music playing time of Cannice Headblue series, designed in stylish and laid-back.

For those who chose freedom, the Muses1 and Muses2 offer extreme mobility through different wear options fit for music fanatics on the go or fitness buff, the series boasts up to 20 hours of run time and 300 hours of standby time.

It is also a must-have for extremely mobile business consumer, with its combined reliable capabilities, high speed, and low energy protocols of of the classic bluetooth with the latest powerful features of Bluetooth 4.0 that is also engineered with 6th generation CVC noise reduction technologies for crystal clear audio experience, and allow simple operation, switch-free connection to other bluetooth devices.

On top of its unique designs, DOSS' are equipped with 1178 Bluetooth Wireless 3D surround stereo speakers for tablet computers and smartphones.

These eye-candie colorful spherical speakers that seamlessly fit into the hand, are remarkably powerful with its simple and quick bluetooth pairing with digital devices.

Music and voice fanatics have the option to use the speakers individually or in tandem for pure digital surround sound.

Worry less and charge on the go with Powerocks Powerbanks that has the capability to fully charge the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, and various smartphones for only 2 hours.

For jetsetters, the Powerocks Tetris 6000 relieves the travellers from bringing a lot of gadgets. It is combined with an AC adaptor/charger which can be used in 150 countries.

And for those carry multiple smart devices but find it troublesome taking USB cables anywhere they go, the Magic Cube series found to be a good companion. It has built-in USB input and output, capable of charging two devices simultaneously, highly capacitated (it only takes two hours to charge an iPhone), yet energy-saving.  

Hoomia Stereo Headphones can definitely satisfy the nostalgics, nature lovers, and the playful—a feast for the soul and mind.

Featuring full-range and dynamic sound field, Bon9 emulates the old telephone design with excellent treble, vocal performance, and noise cancelling. Golden Pin Design Awardee, Hoomia Bon5  was also featured in the show, the in-ear stereo headsets revive the warmth and acoustic efficiency of natural materials such as saffron pear, ebony, and maple.  The magical experience of being youth was brought back to life by the Hoomia Magic Pencil, which prides itself with high purity of tone and rich layer of stereo sound quality.

Hoomia headphones were also featured in the press gathering, showing the Hoomia choices for the ultra-modern and classic design lovers.  Utwo Ace which sports 30mm drivers with slim and soft painted covering and the U3 Classic fold flat 40mm driver headsets, both deliver vivid and accurate sound reproduction and deep bass response.

As one of the local trusted distributors of technological products and computer accessories for home and office, PHILTEQ wants to bring choices of digital lifestyle products to the market that suits the consumer style and works without spending too much.

Cannice, DOSS, Hoomia, and Powerocks are exclusively distributed by PHILTEQ Enterprises, Inc. and are available at leading 3C stores nationwide.

For more information, contact (+632) 726-0066 / (+632) 726-1788.


  1. The earphones and the speakers look absolutely amazing!!! Must. Visit. Store. Soon. Haha! :)

  2. I like the design of the latest earphones. It looks so flashy.

  3. Love the earphones!!! I badly need one hihihi will surely try this!

  4. I think I have to share this post to my son. He is the 'gadget-crazy' hombre in the family.

  5. Nice gadgets from PHILTEQ. I just heard of them now and I'll check more of them soon.

  6. The headphones really look sleek and stylish. Just in time, I'm finding one that's good to be used in the office. :D

  7. amazing headphones they've got plus i love the designs of all the gadgets!

  8. I like the bluetooth headset...and other accessories; want to purchase next month for my savings.

  9. These are worth to buy gadgets! Long lasting and has high quality while using.

  10. I like the eye candie colorful spherical speakers that can easily fit in the hand because it is so handy yet powerful. I want to buy that.

  11. omg! love to try their earphones! cool and quirky designs! ♥ ♥

  12. Would you know of any power bank that charges faster than the 2 hours? I thought I've read somewhere that there will be a new one that will only charge the phone for 10 minutes.

    1. Fully charge in 10 minutes, foreals? That's way even better than charging directly to power outlets and all. I dunno but i kinda doubt it. I've searched online and tried a few power banks already but most of it charges more than 2 and a half hours. :)

  13. I like to have the surround stereo speakers! Is this affordable?

  14. Where is their store located or do they have an online store?


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