Winner: Armin Only Intense Tickets

Truth be told, I am thankful and lucky to be given "enough" tickets for me and my friends.

As posted by a fellow EDM enthusiast and friend Jason Tomas, Armin van Buuren's coming back to Manila is five years in the waiting. And to say, Armin Only Intense World Tour is just perfect for all of us to witness once again the dubbed world's famous and number one DJ.

And I thought, why not share this experience with my blog readers?
So I sent an email and asked for a go-signal. And thank God they allowed. :)

After 3 weeks, I received 498 valid entries who joined my latest giveaway and I couldn't be more sad that I only need to choose one. I used to join anything and everything chic and fun giveaways too, so trust me, I know how you feel.

So I decided to choose the winner via List Randomizer.
And upon getting the name, I verified the entry's validity according to these mechanics.

So without further ado, the winner of two (2) Lower Box tickets to Armin Only Intense LIVE in Manila by BIGFISH International is...

Congratulations, Jarrel Soliman!

He ranked number one out of 498 in the list randomizer. What a lucky guy! :) 

Please send me an email of your number at for instructions on how to claim your tickets, since the number you left in the Google docs (for some reason) is not working.

Thank you all so much for joining this giveaway and for always supporting 
BIGFISH International and

Tickets are available at SM Ticket outlets and
Or call the numbers 4702222/ 8088080/ 09178847333

Follow BIGFISH International on Twitter and Facebook 
for more updates and promos. 


  1. It'd be totally awesome if you had more winners *sigh

    1. I know! :( We'll see about it next time, maybe I could give more.

  2. I really love their music. Congrats to all the winners and I am pretty sure you have a great party with BIG FISH!


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