Armin Only Intense Manila: An Evening Like No Other!

I woke up days at a time when every morning for the last two weeks, my social newsfeeds are still flooded with true EDM and trance fans' excessive experience separation anxiety, photos and videos of what it feels like a dream come true for all of us—seeing and hearing, mostly for the first time, the number one and world's most famous DJ, Armin van Buuren LIVE on stage with its well-thought performances from vocals and dancers, the most amazing lighting effects I've ever seen in my entire life, to the best crowd there has ever been in Manila music dance events scene—Armin Only Intense Manila by BIGFISH International held May 30 at Mall of Asia Arena.

Earlier that day, a press conference was led by Globe's Trend Talks and BIGFISH International for Armin van Buuren at the Grand Ballroom, Solaire Resorts and Casino. Hosted by Tim Yap and Joey Mead, the world renowned Dutch DJ made an appearance before some of the prominent names in the local music industry, EDM-trance community, fans and press to answer questions about Armin Only Intense World Tour and share his deepest insights about the music and the things that he do.

"Armin Only is a combination of a dj set and theatrical experience. I'm the only dj but I'm trying to move things a little bit further with added show elements, special tracks and special moments through out the show," said Armin van Buuren.

The 37-year-old world-famed also stressed that Armin Only Intense World Tour is not a pre-set show, that everytime he's on the place, he makes new mash-ups [for the next destination] and that he admitted he rarely get a downtime.

When asked by Tim Yap of where does he think electronic music is headed in the future, Armin explained "From the history of music genre, I think music is [always] evolving from one style to one sound. It's like this little island drifting away into the ocean."

He added, "A lot of people have different definition of what trance or electro house is but for me, good music is good music. I think people should be looking beyond labels, like what my favorite book says, we shouldn't be prisoner of our own style. Look beyond your safe boundaries [because] it expands your views and expands other people's views in a different way."

Everyone was excited for a true trance show. The night started with an exquisite vocals of Waiting for the Night while Armin is hidden inside a huge round cage-like silhouette, lighted with different colors. It was somewhat like a tease that kept everyone waiting but finally, Armin went out with the Intense track showing an enormous beating heart in the middle of MOA stage.

And the crowd went wild! 

As the show progressed, from a number of his famous tracks from his current album and over the years to the first ever track he released, he played it all really well—as good as everyone expected it to be.

Thus, there was one big striking that sets it different from any other dj sets and shows: the theatrical show experience! 

From drum sets to piano, ranging high vocals for the track Alone, it was (in no doubt) an amazing performance of Armin van Buuren worked together with talented theatre artists and performers that could not have been any more obvious.

A huge video screen stretched across the stage guided the crowd with fantastic visuals and lightings from one climax into the other for almost 7 hours straight.

And when Armin finally revealed the crowd fave-tracks like This Is What It Feels Like, everyone had to sing along. It was surreal!

Armin has been true to his words that the crowd is what keeps him going, even on long hours show. He makes sure that he carefully observes the spectators and builds up the tunes fast, wild and crazily fun.

And everyone just died when he slowly pushed, playing his recent released track—Ping Pong. On the first climax beat, it started to rain down yellow ping pong balloons and, topped with the same, visually on the video screen.


Divine Lee, Michael Coson, Gretchen Fullido

Jaimy Sy and Paolo Maranan

Jake Cuenca,Tim Yap, Eric Gannaban  

Jay Jiminez

Jepoy Miraballes, Marx Cabrera, Jason Tomas

Quinito Villarosa, James Reid, Andre Paras

The entire night was definitely intense and had all the mix of an ultimate show experience with trance music. And this I say, Armin van Buuren did not disappoint.

And through Armin Only Intense world tour team and BIGFISH International, it was indeed the best way and the most intense music dance event to end the summer, ever! 

Special thanks to BIGFISH International for this wonderful experience and to Art Oca: Nightscapes & Nightlife for the photo-collaboration. 


  1. I've seen the social media buzz on Armin and it looks like everybody have fun with Armin.

  2. For sure you loved the music and the crowd was full. Hope next time I can visit this gig or not just Armin :)

  3. Looks like an awesome night for the attendees of this Armin Manila evening. Hope that more and more events will come at our native land.

  4. I've always been curious about how it must be like to attend an EDM concert since usually the DJs are the ones performing and playing all their cool music. After this post, I already have an idea and I think it's awesome! Will probably try it out next time :D

  5. This must have been one kick ass event. I would have loved to watch and listen to Armin live!

  6. I can see that this was not only a colorful night watching as the stage rocks and people tremble but also a star studded event.

  7. Usually concert events last for how many hours? I'm not sure but I think the usual do not last in seven hours straight like this one so there's no wonder why it's really intense!

  8. OMG Armin!! I love him so much!!! Awesome night! :)

  9. Aaaggh! If only my house is near SM Mall of Asia and I got tickets to his show, I'm sure I'll have so much fun jumping, dancing and singing along with his music! Dang it! I could feel the energy already! :D

  10. darn! missed this.. looks really intense.
    I was wathcing that uploaded video, you can feel the crowds energy, its so palpable.

  11. What a concert. It was even attended by a bunch of local celebrities.


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