SWAP Watch x Tomato: Design-It-Yourself, Loom & #SWAPyourLifestyle

In 2013, Tomato launched a new concept, SWAP—a watch collection that features interchangeable silicone straps and water-resistant watchfaces. And now, the coolest SWAP Watches are back and it's better than ever!

Last Thursday, Tomato Glorietta 2 boutique opened its doors to guests for a private preview of the latest designs and collections from SWAP Watches, Tomato Time and Fashion as Tomato Philippines celebrates its 10th year anniversary.

I arrived early but a few minutes after, the boutique was eventually packed with guests.
I started taking photos and got immediately attracted to the SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself) booth near the cashiers.

SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself) is one of the new SWAP x Tomato collection that allows anyone to choose the watchface designs and strap colors, and also gives us the option to choose or customized it with own photos.

So if you're that kind who takes a lot of awesome and great selfies, this is definitely for you! :)

But as for me, I don't take that much photos of myself so I started with choosing the watchface design for my SWAP DIY. And boy! Did choosing watchface designs don't come easy when you actually like all of it. LOL

I chose Hipster Galaxy (DIY017).
And like everyone else, Royal blue looks tempting for a watch strap.

But since I'm an I-prefer-black-always kind of person, I chose the black strap.
Et viola! Say hello to my very own SWAP DIY watch. :)

*Aside from in-stores, you may also purchase and customize SWAP DIY watches online. Check out how and more of the watchface designs here.

With price value that starts at P1,000, you can own a personalized SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself) watch and pair it with any strap colors of your choice or swap it with different colors and strap designs just the way you like it! :) 

And the fun doesn't stop there.
Enjoy 50% OFF on selected #SWAPdiy items until August 31, 2014. See it here!

To join the bandwagon of trendiness, loom bands have gone chic as SWAP x Tomato also introduces SWAP Loom Watches.

At the event, guests were given the How-To's on SWAP Loom Watches.

Getting creative to be uniquely stylish has never been this fun!
And did I mention I'd like to do it again? :)

Get creative with your own designs and patterns with rainbow loom band strap color combinations of your choice. Design and pattern it flipside, crisscross, pentalock, or whatever pattern and design you can come up with.

But the first thing you need to know is that SWAP Loom straps are only available online or via Viber.

SWAP Loom straps' price starts at P350.
For more watchface and strap designs and colors, visit tomato.ph/time/swap/loom.

Spotted at the event were DJ and former child actor Tom Taus, with hunk actor Luis Alandy.

Teen actor Paul Salas

Thea Tolentino

Mike Tan

Musician James Wright

Actress Melissa Ricks

New collections of Tomato Time and Camden are also available with different designs you can choose from.

Show your school spirit for your beloved UAAP universities and support change with Tomato Time UAAP watches and Be The Change Tomato Time watches.

SWAP Watches are exclusively distributed and are available at Tomato stores and Tomato Online Store, shop.tomato.ph

To see the list of branches for Tomato, Tomato Time and SWAP Watches near you, click here.

Your creativity is boundless, 
#SWAPdiy #SWAPloom #SWAPyourLifestyle!


  1. More colors to choose from SWAP watches and Tomato. For teens on he go, this is awesome.

  2. Aww this is a cute idea! New to eyes it is! :) And Melissa Ricks looks so gorgeous aaah! :)

  3. I've always liked Tomato watches and I have two myself. This collection of swapping designs is so massive and there's a lot to choose from! Each color can get matched with your outfit. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hahaha! I know right. The strap wasn't exactly that confusing to me. The watchface designs, however, are the ones boggling me.

  5. Great idea! What a way to customize your watch. Sa dami ng design, mahihilo ka sa pagpili ng type mo. The Tiger design on an orange strap is okay with me.

  6. Nauuso talaga yung mga ganitong type of watches..

  7. I have two swap watches, the superguy design and the zombie hands. It really gives you alternatives.

  8. I was supposed to go to this event but I had to decline at the last minute now I'm kicking myself for not fixing my schedule.

    1. Yikes! Sayang mommy, nagkita sana tayo. :)

  9. So love the SWAP Watches! One of the MTP 2014 major sponsors is SWAP. So love the design and the DIY watches they have...it really ROCK!

  10. The Swap watch has got to be one of Tomato's smartest products yet! I love this new customized concept! Super tempting! Haha :D

  11. Nice product innovation now that loom bands are in demand. My tween like the black strap too.

  12. Wow! Perfect, just perfect. I would love have one too. And it's also a perfect gift for someone special. :)


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