Best Mens Hairstyle Trend for Curly and Straight Hair

By this time of the year, most of you—including myself, are still on the look for a new cut and hairstyle to rock this 2015.

And even of I did feature a few awesome looks and trendy hairstyles way back, I just couldn't find what I really wanted for a change until someone from Instagram posted his work with a caption, " ...heavy curls! If you have them, let them grow... just embrace them!"

Meet Kieron Price of Baldy's Barbers in the UK.

He has been in the industry for 11 years and counting, with the talent and skills for combined traditional and modern hairstyles.

With many cool hairstyles you can choose from his Instagram account, here are my top picks for both curly and straight hair:

Skin Faded High Pompadour

The pompadour is an iconic and all-time classic hairstyle that was actually named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, that remained a female dominated hairstyle right the way up until World War I.

In 1950s, Elvis sported the pompadour as part of his signature look and the rest, as they say, is history. To this day, there has been quite a number of styles in achieving a perfectly done pompadour from the Bruno Mars' to the David Beckham's of the world.

Oh and BTW, I have been rocking this hairstyle for more than two years now.
Although it is a tough work (for my hairstylist, at least—my hair has a natural curl) on every events I have to attend, it has always been worth it but it feels like it's time to retire. :)

Half Top Perm

Now this one I'm really digging!

Kieron did a half top perm on his client leaving the back natural and short to blend in, finished with a skinfade.

PS: If you're a hairstylist that has a shop within Metro Manila or the south and can help me achieve this hairstyle, please email me. ;) 

Oh, and this too—British schoolboy fade!

A hairstyle of dry texturized schoolboy fade, blunt Dench fringe, and a high fade feathered top with a razor and then textured with scissors. Kieron refers to it as the winter haircut of 2015.

But let me say this: I'd love to wear this hairstyle all year long! :)

And this three!Loose Curls on mid skin.

A mid skin cut on the loose curls are where the perm has grown out and laying nice and heavy on top.

Cheeky Choppy Undercut

Kieron did a cheeky undercut and choppy left real heavy on top to let it lie over the sides. And styled and finished with a bit of hair lacquer/hairspray.

Teddy Boy Quiff

I featured a few quiff hairstyles before and let's admit it, it's still on vogue up to this day.

On this cut, as what Kieron refers as a cheeky scum bag teddy boy quiff, it has a classic look at the back with a strong hold for a pure classic hair cut.

Low Fade Choppy Top Curls

"Smart is out, summer messy is in!", says Kieron Price referring to a look with low fade and choppy texturized top to enhance them curls. This is what summer has in stock: more messy texturized tops.

Now this one is a little BJ Pascual-ish kind of cut, IMO: Dirty Wedge! :)

No pomp or top knot? No problem.
Get this cut instead. It's a real low undercut with a dapper-badass look.

Did I mention Kieron also does awesome and cool kids' haircuts?

He also makes the sickest bowl undercut with a pattern on ladies look chic.

And makes high pomp or cheeky one side part, and beard trim look cool!

As Hubert de Givenchy (Vouge, July 1985) once said, "Hair style is the final tip-off  whether or not a [person] really knows [thyself]." 

That said, all I have to do—as for y'all too—is to look for a hairstylist that would help me achieve the hairstyle that I like (and would fit me) and let's me rock it for a year or two. Yes? :)

But if you're in the area or near 20a Kingsbury, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK, go see Kieron Price at Baldy's Barbers.

For more of the coolest haircuts and trendy hairstyles, 
follow Kieron Price @kieronthebarber and Baldy's Barders @baldysbarbers on Instagram.

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