#NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT: 5 Awesome Things You Missed If You Didn't Make It

You know what they say, you wouldn't know what you missed until you find yourself in a "should-woulda-coulda, drowning-myself-in-sorrow, I-should-have-bought-tickets-and-showed-up" situation.

After a few Instagram video uploads, my phone almost crashed with a lot of messenger pop-ups and SMS' from my friends who didn't made it. Well, I didn't wanna say 'I told you so' but as I predicted, it turned out really well—effin' amazing, actually. I did not have enough energy (and phone battery) to reply to all of it so let me dedicate this post to all of you, my dear friends. But please know that I wrote this with love. LOL

So here's the five things you missed that went down at Neverland Manila presents Zedd True Colors Tour:

1) Talented with a big heart!

Last Saturday, August 8, Manila was given the fourth chance to catch the world-famed Zedd at the Mall of Asia Arena.

During the press conference, the Grammy award-winning phenom mentioned "I hope everybody here knows how much I love the Philippines. I’ve been coming back for a reason. I’ve always been seeing a lot of passion, a lot of support, a lot of love, and a lot of attention to details."

"I will always be coming back as long as people comes to the shows and this is one of the biggest show I've ever played. I’m always excited to be here. When people ask me in interviews where I love to play I will always mention the Philippines because it has a really special place in my heart for sure," he added.
Moments before the show started, Zedd announced online offering 500 additional tickets which could be obtained for free in exchange for contributions to his "Happiness In A Bag Project"—despite the show being sold out.

This has been an ongoing altruistic efforts since 2013 by a man who sets a compassionate precedent for all EDM performers.

2) Music scene's next big thing: Callum David and Haywyre

Keeping the crowd's excitement burning, Australian-born DJ Callum David—one of Manila's hottest DJs did well pumping up groovy beats and floor-filling music opening the show.

Followed by Haywyre—who is tagged as electronic music's newest Boy Wonder. He tweaks tunes on his piano, a creative improvisation, honed the beats ad mixed with progressive-unique compositions. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

"It's easiest to play music on the computer but when I write or do music on the piano or an instrument, it becomes more organic and very natural," Haywyre answered when asked about his music during the press briefing.

3) Everyone went crazy-sky-rocket with Zedd

The Grammy award-winner may have gone back in Manila for the fourth time but that didn't stop him from delivering pumping beats with his famous hits, old and new.

Even if Zedd's music has been repeatedly played countless times at clubs and in every events, it never goes out of style... every beat, drop after drop while the crowd cheered and sung their lungs out inside the arena.

4) You just can't help yourself but sing along!

Oh, did I mention everyone knows the lyrics of Zedd's hits by heart? Here, WATCH!
(Please excuse my shaky hands, I was having fun too you know. LOL)

Yup, it never gets old!

5) Best. Crowd. Ever.

The international DJ and producer has really captured so many hearts in the Philippines, both young and young at heart. And I think Manila, Philippines has captured Zedd's heart too!

As my friend and fellow EDM enthusiast, Jason Tomas would put it, "...after four years of coming back in Manila, Zedd still has it and is really getting ahead of the race and real fast." I couldn't agree more!

To be completely honest, I wasn't one of Zedd's biggest fan...
until #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT happened.

Yes, my main man Zedd. You've got one heart here melted, you becoming a piece of me I wish I didn't need, chasing relentlessly... still fight and I don't know why? LOL
Well, you know the lyrics.

But seriously, I hope you come see us again.
With lots of love, The Manila Urbanite and everyone in the Philippines!

Congratulations, Neverland Manila! You guys really know how to throw the best events.
Photos by Art Oca of Art Oca: Nightscapes and Nightlife Photography

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